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Napa Valley Recap

Welcome back to part 3 of my California recaps! I promise this is the last one! After a couple of days in San Francisco and Sonoma, Wednesday through Friday morning were spent in Yountville, which is just a short drive from Downtown Napa! Thursday was our first full day in Napa, so we went all out again, hitting a few different wineries and exploring as much as we could!

Birthday in Sonoma: Recap

Welcome to part two of my California trip recaps! After San Francisco (recap here!) we spent two days in Sonoma, two days in Napa, and then our last day back in San Francisco.

San Francisco Recap

Hi!!!! I can't believe I'm back from California, officially 21, and it's my last week of summer! I mentioned in my New York post last week that it's so crazy how you can look forward to a trip for so long, and then it just comes and goes so quickly! My mom and I had been planning on doing a Napa Valley trip for my 21st birthday for forever, so it's wild that it's already over. I also think it's funny how I'm actually 21 now, because I was the last one of all of my friends!!! The! Last! ONE!

The Importance of the Perfect Tote

In my back to school essentials post on Monday I mentioned how using a tote in place of a backpack isn't the most practical option. However, having a nice, everyday tote bag is non-negotiable for college girls! Personally, I received my everyday leather tote for my 16th birthday and have used it almost everyday since. I can't think of one other thing I own that has gotten more use (except maybe running shoes or sunglasses) than this bag, and I've gotten more compliments on it and comments like, "I wish I had a bag like that!" a million times!


20 years ago today with my mom, lol

I'm officially 21!! I'll be spending the day at a few different wineries in Sonoma with my mom and enjoying my first sips ;) We had an amazing weekend in San Francisco and arrived in Sonoma yesterday; I can't wait to share photos of our trip once we get back! Tomorrow we head to Napa for a few days for more wine and exploring!


Back to School Essentials

How can a student possibly concisely list off the essential items for the back to school season?! Personally, going back to school means loading up my car multiple times to move into my apartment multiple times, and making multiple random purchases that are all deemed absolutely essential because... tis the back to school season. So, I'm probably not the best person to determine what needs to come back to school with me and what is totally unnecessary, but I do know for sure that there a few things I wouldn't be able to live without...

24 Hours in New York City

I chose to split up my recaps between my weekend in the Hamptons and my two days in the city. Although both are obviously in New York, they're so different to me that it doesn't really make sense to combine them. My adventures in the city were pretty quick, but still fun, as always. Let's get into it!

Hamptons Weekend Recap

Returning home from New York late Wednesday night was bittersweet, as it always is! The long weekends I spend on the East Coast with my dad and his family each August are trips I look forward to all year long! It’s crazy how I wait and wait for these weekends to roll around every summer, and then they just go by so fast.

Senior Year Apartment: Before Photos + Plans

Some of my favorite posts I've written the last couple of summers have been a part of the Small Space Decor series that I began when I started college. From dorm decorating to moving into off-campus apartments with roommates, I've been styling my own small spaces for three years now and it's seriously one of my favorite things to do. At this point I've cultivated a nice little collection of decor pieces that have worked well in my different small spaces, but with my particular layout this year there are a few more purchases I'd like to make. Of course I am not going to stray far from my blue-and-white/gold theme...

My Internship Recap + Reflection

I can't believe my internship is already over and done with! My last day was on Friday! They said the 10 weeks would fly by, but I really can't believe how much they did! Although some days felt long, the weeks went by so fast, the weekends even faster, and the entire thing is already behind me! I want to reflect on my experience and share how it went with all of you. Warning, this gets long!

Off to New York!

Ah!!!!! I can't believe my internship actually ended yesterday and by the time this goes up I'll be in New York for the weekend. I've been looking forward to this trip all summer and I'm so excited to see my dad's side of the family and spend the weekend in the Hamptons!

Summer Book Reviews (Part II)

I promise I didn't forget about this post! This is long overdue but I am back to share the second installment of what I've read this summer. If you missed the first one, you can check it out here!

Current Obsessions (Beauty, etc)

It's been a couple of months since I've gone through one of my phases of really, really loving a curated selection of products.. but the bug is back! I have some new ~obsessions~ I haven't been doing much shopping this summer, but with trips coming up this weekend (!!!) and another next week for my bday (!!!) I've been more into shopping lately and have a few exciting things I just have to share!

What I Did in July

Oh wow. Last month was insane. I did so much that the entire month is already blurring together. I apologize in advance if this isn't the most interesting post! I just want to recap my month for future reference.

July Playlist + New Music Releases

Helloooooo my favorite month of the year! It's August!!!!! Happy leo sznnnnn! I'm biased because it's my birthday month, but I really do love August. Every year this means fun vacations, the end of whatever summer job I've been up to, and this year, the excitement of turning 21. In Wisconsin this also means it's finally perfect summer weather... in the 70s most days and not too hot like it has been for the last couple of weeks!

July Wishlist + Recent Purchases

A few things that have been on my wishlist for the last couple of weeks...

I Need Your Help! San Francisco + Napa

image via Gal Meets Glam

I'm so excited to head to San Francisco and Napa Valley / Sonoma for my 21st birthday in August with my mom. We've been planning on a trip to Napa for my 21st for years now, and I can't believe that year is finally here! The last time my mom and I went on a trip just the two of us was in 2016 to New Orleans for my senior year spring break. It was seriously one of the most fun trips, and New Orleans could not have been a more perfect city for my mom and I to visit. I can't wait for this next girls trip!

This Week's Top 10: Fourth of July Sales

1. Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you all had a fun day yesterday!! I am taking today off work to spend time with friends and enjoy the (finally!) warm weather. I don't have any plans set in stone, but it's definitely a nice change of pace to have a few days just to relax, read, and avoid my cubicle ;)

2. THIS. Article. This is totally random but I have to share it. Wow... this is one of those articles that I didn't know I needed until I read it. You now what I mean? Like, I knew I felt this way... but didn't really know. This just really validated my life and thoughts and inner workings of my brain... READ THIS if you also constantly feel like you don't know what you look like.

3. Okay duh there are a ton of amazing sales going on right now so let's just get into them!

This Time Last Week: Chicago + Rolling Stones Concert

As crazy as it is to think we are already two months into the summer, in retrospect I've done quite a few fun things. From spending the first weekend of the summer in Chicago for Mother's Day, to heading up north with my friends for a week right after that, back to Chicago for my brother's college graduation, starting my internship and experiencing corporate life, I guess I have been busier than I thought! Last week Tuesday I went to Chicago for the third time this summer to see the Rolling Stones with my dad!!

Red, White, + Blue Favorites

The Fourth of July is.... tomorrow??? I feel like every time I write a blog post these days I'm always just like, omg what.. how is this happening.. how did this day arrive?! Life is just moving so fast! This summer... college... ah!! 

You all know how obsessed I am with blue and white (literally 95% of what I wear...) so it probably doesn't come as a surprise that getting dressed for the Fourth is pretty mindless for me. Shopping for more blue and white pieces, along with red for the holiday, is right up my alley, too.

June Playlist + New Music Releases

Helloooo and happy JULY!! What??? How has this summer gone so fast? Today marks the fifth week of my internship and the eighth week of my summer. There were so many new music releases by some of my favorite artists this month that I have to share the playlist I made for June. When am I not obsessed with my monthly playlists?! (here's my May playlist if you want to check it out!) This particular playlist is pretty easy, lowkey, but chill and almost upbeat?!

This Week's Top 10

Happy Friday everyone! I know it's been a minute since I've last done an edition of This Week's Top 10, but I'm currently at home relaxing (I had a little procedure done earlier this afternoon so I took off work) and found so many great links that I just had to share!

I Miss Newport... + Packing List

I'M SEEING THE ROLLING STONES TONIGHT! I am so insanely excited!! My dad and I are seeing the Stone tonight in Chicago because he got me tickets for Christmas... ahhh, I can't wait to share more! Anyways-- onto today's post:

Every summer I find myself succumbing to a seasonal longing for my favorite place in the world: Newport, Rhode Island. If you've been a longtime reader, you're probably no stranger to my Newport obsession! I have visited Newport almost every summer of my life, and my dad even lived there when I was in high school! I am half convinced I'll get married at the Chanler on the Cliff Walk, where I took my senior photos (that I'll never not be obsessed with, thus had to include in this post)... ugh, it's just the best place.

Junior Year Apartment Room Tour

Hello! I went to write a decor blog post yesterday when I realized I never shared an official room tour from my apartment this year!!! After sharing a couple decorating posts last summer (here and here specifically) and putting a lot of planning and energy into decorating, I can't believe I never got around to putting this post together! Without further adieu, here is my apartment room tour from this year... better late than never, right?!

Summer Book Reviews (Part I)

I'm excited to share the books I've read so far this summer. If you're a longtime reader, you might remember a few of the summer reading posts I shared last summer, including this one and this one. This summer's selections probably won't be much different, consisting majorly of beach reads and light fiction, but nonetheless hopefully you will find some of these books appealing!

Self-Care Summer with Olay

As summer is now in full swing, I've been going the extra mile to get my skin as healthy as possible. A few months ago I began a new skincare regimen, but the part of skincare that most people forget about is that well cared for skin goes much further than just your face and neck! When it comes to my whole body, I'm the worst about ensuring that I moisturize as much as I should. This is especially problematic during the summer when I am often wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, and sleeveless tops. Who wants dry legs and arms when you could have glowy, moisturized skin? Olay reached out to me about their new body wash available at Costco, and I knew this would be the perfect product for me: a body wash that actually moisturizes your skin, so you don't have to after the shower!

A Week Up North

The first week of summer (aka the second week of May), my friends and I drove over four hours up north Wisconsin to my roommate, Celia's, family cabin. The group included all but one of our friends who went on our spring break trip to Mexico, and it was such a fun way to kick off the summer! Although it was a few weeks ago now, it was just too fun not to share some photos from the week.

Internship Outfit Ideas (Under $100)

you can click directly on each product to shop it

It's the official first day of my internship!!! Woooo!! I can't wait to see what this summer has in store for me and keep you all updated on how my internship goes. This was a very popular post last summer, so here we are again with another round of internship outfit ideas! Really anyone working in a business casual setting could benefit from this little round-up of work appropriate attire; I know I am always looking for ways to update my "work wardrobe." Especially since this is my third internship, I have grown tired of the clothes I've been wearing for the last two summers and in need of a few new pieces. Not to mention, this summer I will be surrounded by over 100 other interns and working for a retail company, so I definitely want to step up my game!

May Playlist: WTF Do People Do In May?

HI! Wow, yesterday's blog post was kind of a lot. Today I want to lighten the mood and share my May Playlist as this month comes to a close. Last month I shared my April playlist and enjoyed giving you all a glimpse into my music taste. I am quite a melophile (lol, I googled this term-- melo means music and phile is a suffix for fanatic/enthusiast); constantly discovering new music and developing playlists, so I want to continue to share them here!

My Thoughts, Part I: The Evolution

Hi hi hii! Long time no chat :) Lately I've been pretty absent around here so I wanted to share what's been on my mind and where I've been. Mainly I want to talk about some thoughts I've been having related to a few different subjects-- consider this part one of a personal series!

Since I've been home from school I've been lucky to have a few free weeks before starting my internship, so I've spent most of this time catching up with high school friends. It's been really interesting to discover where everyone is at with their lives, whether it be with relationships, internships, studying abroad, or anything else. All of these great conversations in the last few weeks have inspired me to share my thoughts on different subjects with all of you. It's been a while since I've shared a deeper blog post, so I hope you enjoy my broaching of a few hot topics (hah, ew I can't believe I just said hot topics).

Announcing My Summer Internship

Two weeks from today I will be starting my summer internship! I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for a while, but for some reason I've been putting it off. This will be my third and likely, (if I'm lucky enough to get a job offer at the end of my senior year!) last summer internship. I am going to be a Business Analyst intern at Kohl's Corporate Headquarters in Milwaukee!

Thanks, Junior Year

Looking back on these last nine months, I'm overwhelmed wrapping my head around the adventures and experiences that enriched my junior year of college. If I had to choose just one word to describe how I feel when I think about the past two semesters at school it would have to be grateful. I am beyond grateful for my education, my best friends, the memories, adventures, and even failures and challenges that occurred this year.

Classics with a Twist

Hello everyone! I have my last final exam in two hours, and I'm taking a little study break to share some pieces I am loving right now. I've called this round-up "classics with a twist" because these pieces are all wardrobe staples with a little bit of a trendy twist. Take, for example, an everyday gold ring with an assortment of rainbow-hued jewels, or a silk midi skirt with a fun slit. I'm also obsessing over these sandals, my new sunglasses (so perfect for summer), and these chic crawler earrings right now. (as usual, most everything is under $100!)

Recent Purchases

There are a handful of great sales happening right now, so I want to share some recent purchases I've made to step up my spring wardrobe! I've been feeling uninspired and dissatisfied with my wardrobe recently, and my favorite pair of jeans actually ripped last week, sending me on a bit of a shopping bender...

This Week's Top 10: Easter Weekend

image via

1. Happy Friday and Easter weekend! It's been a minute since I shared a TWT10, so I have a lot to fill you in on!!!

2. I am home in Milwaukee this weekend for Easter and really enjoying it so far. This summer I interned with my close friend Koryn, who's boyfriend is in a great band in Milwaukee, so I went to their show last night. Koryn is an amazing photographer and took some of my best photos this summer (like these, these, and these!)! I am so glad I got to catch up with her! The show was at the cutest venue and I had a great time. 

3. One of my roommates (hi Coco!) and our friend who took us on spring break in Mexico are both coming over for Easter on Sunday. I'm so excited! My brother is also coming home for Easter and I can't wait to celebrate with him, my mom, and friends. I mentioned in my Easter outfit inspiration blog post this week that I will be wearing this dress!

Hair Accessories I Love Right Now

I am loving the current barrette trend I've seen on bloggers and around Instagram lately. I think adding a hair clip or barrette is a chic way to accessorize that is also easy and functional! Shop my favorites that I've found below:

Ralph Lauren Friends + Family Sale

If I had to choose one brand to wear solely for the rest of my life, I've always thought it would be Ralph Lauren. Of course Ralph Lauren as a whole is timeless and classic, but each brand within RL has it's unique style and vibe that could befit any of my moods! As summer approaches, I always find myself choosing classic pieces more often. That said, there's no better time than now to stock up on classic pieces at Ralph Lauren! Until Sunday night RL is having their Friends and Family sale, which means 30% off with the code FAMILY, plus free fast shipping with no minimum!

Easy Aioli + Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe

I'm very excited to share a little "recipe" today! It's been a minute since I've last shared a recipe, and this one is special. If there is one thing I love when it comes to eating anything, it's dipping my foods in sauces. Any food, any kind of dip, sauce, or spread... I'm here for it. In particular, I love a good aioli. One of my roommates and I decided to make a cheese board on Saturday night and we paired our assortment with delicious roasted veggies and a little aioli. Read on to to try it yourself!

Easter Inspiration + RTR Update

Happy Monday! This past weekend I was selecting my next round of pieces from Rent the Runway and got so inspired by the selection of Easter egg-hued styles. I decided to pull together a little roundup of pretty spring pieces that would look amazing for not only Easter, but any spring event! RTR has the fastest shipping, so if you're still looking for something to wear this coming weekend I would totally recommend checking out their available styles in particular! 

Mexico Recap

Hello!!! This post is long overdue considering I returned back to school from my spring break trip to Mexico over two weeks ago, so I am excited to finally share my trip with you all! This trip is definitely going to remain one of the most memorable vacations I've ever been on, not only because it was my first time to Mexico, but because spending spring break with my best friends just couldn't have been more fun!

April Playlist

At the beginning of this year I inadvertently began making monthly playlists on my Spotify and they've been such a great way to mix up the music I listen to. I have a bad habit of overplaying songs until I can't stand them anymore, so this is an easy way to ensure I rotate between at least 30-40 songs throughout the month. I usually update the playlist whenever I find new songs during the month, but recently I discovered a good amount of songs so I just decided to add them to an April playlist a little early!

The photo above is very irrelevant here, but I am working on my Mexico recap and can't wait to share more details about my trip last week!

Spring Edit

I was looking through some old blog posts from last spring when I rediscovered this "spring edit" that I did. I find it really interesting to see how my style evolves year after year, but the basis of what I love typically remains the same. I'll always be partial to a great pair of jeans, classic sunglasses, and a cool pair of white sneaks. Although it isn't quite yet spring, the weather this weekend was so sunny and finally above 30 degrees (lol, literally felt like a heat wave!) and with spring break at the end of this week, I'm hoping to finally put away my parka once midterms are over!