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What I Did in July

Oh wow. Last month was insane. I did so much that the entire month is already blurring together. I apologize in advance if this isn't the most interesting post! I just want to recap my month for future reference.

July flew by. Every month this summer has gone so quick just with my internship taking up so much of my week and then filling up my weekends with everything else. This month in particular I was pretty busy with a few concerts, the Fourth of July, and heading to a couple of my friends’ lake houses! I even moved out of my apartment in Madison (sooo sad) and got a chance to hang out with a handful of my high school friends!!

June 29 | Bon Iver was a super last minute decision at the end of June— let’s start there. I mentioned somewhere that I was sick the entire month of June. From mono over my brother's graduation to an emergency surgery after the Rolling Stones concert, June was crazy busy but also a little rough. When Bon Iver came to Summerfest at the end of the month my mom and I got last minute tickets as a little treat. 

July 2 | Photoshoot with Anna!

July 4 | I went to the Fourth of July parade with friends!

July 5 | After the Fourth of July I went to see the Head and the Heart at Summerfest with Anna again! We are friends from high school but Anna is actually also interning w me at Kohl’s in a different department. I love her and it was such a fun night and the concert far exceeded my expectations. I love the Head and the Heart and they played all of my favorite songs! 

July 9 | My best friend from high school, Lauren, studied abroad in London this entire past school year, so I have missed her dearly and I am so happy she's home for the summer. (You might remember we actually went to London for spring break together in 2018!) This particular week we spent a ton of time together, including having a little dinner of our favorite sandwiches at the public market and going on a gorgeous long walk around the lakefront.

July 12 | The following weekend my college friend group and I went to our friend’s lake house for the weekend. It was your typical lake house weekend spending time on the boat and... you can imagine the rest. She had jet skis which were so fun!

July 19 | The following week at work was a fun one with a tour of the photo studio at the end of the week. At the photo studio we got to see real photo shoots happening in action and have a little one of our own! Lots of confetti was involved. 

July 19 | The Friday night of the photo studio day I drove to Madison to move out of my apartment. You guys know how obsessed I was with school this past year, so it was a little bittersweet to move out! It was a quick trip, returning home Saturday afternoon and then going out in Milwaukee that night.

July 21 | I was home alone this whole weekend, so when I woke up on Sunday with no plans I was very excited when Elizabeth invited me to her lake house for the day. We went with her boyfriend (aka my bff, hi grant!) and met her family up there for a day at the beach. 

July 26 | Last weekend we went back to Elizabeth’s lake house to celebrate Grant and his twin brother’s birthday with our college friends. It was really lowkey but fun! I actually didn't take a single picture during the "trip"... shocking but true!

July 30 | Elizabeth, Grant, his brother, and our other girlfriend and I went to see Still Woozy last minute in Milwaukee!

How was your July?


  1. I love all of these photos! The picture of the sunset at the lake is stunning.

  2. Ahh what a fun month! I love all of your pictures!



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