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Making My Apartment FUN

oOOOOooOOh now that we’re finally 21 over here let’s talk about pregames!! Today’s post is in partnership with xbox (!!) and I’m very excited to chat about their new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

My favorite part of going out is hands down the getting ready and “pregaming” part. I love getting ready with my best friends, mixing drinks, and listening to our favorite music! However, there is one thing that always interferes with our night and it’s the whole speaker/music situation.

None of us hog the music too much, and we’re all good about letting anyone queue up whatever they want to. However, when more people come over than just our roommates, there’s always the issue with speakers dying, or people needing someone’s phone password every 5 seconds to log in and queue more songs. I know this is such a first world problem, but I’m sure you guys can agree that music is an essential part of any pregame, and things are just better when the music is going!

With the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, I’m so excited that we will be able to play music right on our tv without any hassle!! We won’t have to worry about handing over someone’s phone all night or a speaker dying. Unfortunately for our neighbors, we are also going to be able to make it VERY loud!!! But… we’re seniors, so I’d say we’ve earned this ;)

I’m also very excited to have the Xbox for nights when we don’t feel like going out! Last year there were many nights that we just wanted to hang out and chill, but agreeing on movies can be impossible when two girls want a horror movie and two want a rom-com. With access to hundreds of games on the Xbox, we are going to have a much more exciting way to spend time together, and endless options to get us through the year.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is the newest member of the Xbox One family of devices, and at under $250, it's the most affordable! It's built for disc-free gaming and entertainment, so you just download a game when you're ready to play it, and thousands of the most popular Xbox One games are available! In addition to gaming features, you can stream your favorite content from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more, so that's how I plan to listen to all of our fun party music.

I’m so excited to bring my new Xbox to my apartment and share updates on how we are enjoying it this school year! Who else loves a good pregame?!


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Xbox and the InfluenceHer Collective. All words and opinions are my own.

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