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July Wishlist + Recent Purchases

A few things that have been on my wishlist for the last couple of weeks...


FRAME Leather Tote // I've been using my Mark & Graham Everyday Leather Tote religiously since receiving it for my sixteenth birthday. I have loved this bag, but it has since been discontinued and definitely seen better days. I haven't found anything else I love as much except for the classic Goyard (which is so not realistic right now). But, this Frame bag comes pretty close! The blush is probably my favorite color, but there are four pretty options to choose from.

This Charlotte Tilbury glow moisturizer that I've talked about like three times now.

Castaner Espadrilles + Maxi Dresses // As I prepare for my trips to Napa and the Hamptons in August, I'm itching to add a few pretty, flowy dresses to my suitcase along with these Castaner Espadrilles. These shoes are so classic and gorgeous, and I've been eyeing them for years now. I think I just need to go for it. However, this pair is almost identical for just $50!

Pave Pieces // I've been wearing a small gold beaded bracelet everyday since my birthday, and I love the idea of adding a couple of pave bracelets to make a little stack. This bar bracelet and this pave bangle are both gorgeous!

Jo Malone // Signature scents are so important to me. I very much associate people with certain scents and take a lot of consideration into how I smell. It's one of those weird things that I just can't avoid! I know which perfumes all of my best friends wear and always think of them if I smell those scents on someone else. 

Aerin's Ikat Jasmine fragrance has been my favorite this past year. I got it in store in Palm Beach for my birthday with my dad in August, and it smells fabulous. It's light and perfect for summer, but it's not the end-all-be-all signature scent for me. It's actually so light that I used like three sprays a day for this past year and now 11 months later the bottle is almost gone. In the winter or when I go out, I wear Hermes Twilly because it's a little stronger and almost darker? or muskier I guess? But it's not an everyday scent for me. This Jo Malone scent sounds fabulous for everydayand I'm dying to try it!

Diptyque Candle // Going off of the scent thing, I am always lighting candles in my room and trying to make my space smell as fabulous as possible. The Diptyque Baies candle is my favorite, and I need to just bite the bullet and get another one. It is a little expensive for a candle, but it's so worth it.

Going out clothes // I recently purchased this black denim skirt and these sandals for going out. I have never had an extensive selection of going out clothes, but now that I'm at home without three roommates to steal clothes from, it's a much bigger problem. I'm finding myself quite unhappy with my going out outfits, and I want to resolve this sooner rather than later!!

Glossier Boy Brow // I've been using Kabrow by Benefit for years now, but I really wanted to switch it up so I ordered the infamous Glossier Boy Brow. I'm excited to try it!

Veja's // I have such a problem when it comes to shoes. I feel like I don't own any cute shoes because I wear the same pairs over and over again, but I seriously have like seven pairs of different sneakers and am strongly considering a pair of Veja's to add to my collection. In my defense, these are the perfect everyday, casual but cute option.

What's on your current wishlist?

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