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Hanging Out Alone + Anthro Finds

This past weekend all of my roommates were gone, leaving me to my own devices and an entire apartment to myself! I live with three of my best friends, and I generally consider myself a dependent person (one of my New Year's Resolutions was to become more independent!), so when I found out I would be in the apartment alone for the weekend, I panicked a little. I thought about going home for the weekend but I ultimately decided I should just stay, get a lot of homework done, be productive, and relax.

I am so glad I did.

As I've been job searching in different cities, I've toyed with the idea of living alone vs. living with a roommate. Financially it makes more sense to have a roommate, but I don't even know where I would begin in terms of finding one unless I go to Chicago. My main concern with living alone is that when I'm alone I often don't have the motivation to actually do anything. You know what I mean? Like, unless I see other people doing things or have someone to go do things with, it's so easy to forget to actually do things! 

SO, this weekend I told myself I was "practicing," and it was actually a lot of fun! My roommates left on Friday afternoon and I immediately cleaned the entire apartment (which, admittedly, I never do) and then went for a 5-mile walk and listened to a podcast. I made myself dinner, watched the new episodes of This Is Us on Hulu, made two new playlists, answered blog emails, and just hung out and relaxed. It was so nice... I definitely surprised myself!

On Saturday I woke up and went to my favorite coffee shop to get a little treat for breakfast and work on some things for a couple hours. I came home, made lunch, lit a candle, and listened to my new playlists while working on blog stuff!

Then, I went to the mall to go shopping, came home, relaxed, watched a rom-com...

It was so nice. I genuinely didn't think I was capable of this! I was impressed with how productive I was and how much I actually made good use of my time. On Sunday I went to a workout class in the morning and then my mom came up in the afternoon so we could go shopping again to find an outfit for my interview.

When I went shopping on Saturday I found the most flattering jeans ever at Anthropologie, and the cutest little jacket, too. I just had to share them here because I posted them on my Insta Story!

The jeans are high-rise, just a little bootcut with a slit up the calf and a button-fly. They are a perfect medium wash and so comfortable! I think they run true to size. I usually wear a 27/28 and these fit perfectly in a 27.

The furry little jacket is too cute, and comes in a few colors! It's so soft and if you zip it up all the way it has a loose high-neck collar that I love. 

Both pieces are fabulous for fall and would make amazing wardrobe staples. Have you found anything you love recently?

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