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24 Hours in New York City

I chose to split up my recaps between my weekend in the Hamptons and my two days in the city. Although both are obviously in New York, they're so different to me that it doesn't really make sense to combine them. My adventures in the city were pretty quick, but still fun, as always. Let's get into it!

On Tuesday I drove the car back to my aunt’s house on Long Island before jumping on the LIRR to meet my dad in the city. When I got to the city I dropped my bags at our hotel and walked around until my dad got back. He’d gone to the city on Monday morning for some meetings, so he was just wrapping things up when I got there Tuesday afternoon. 

My dad and I couldn’t decide what we wanted to do, so we just went crazy and did everything Tuesday night. Like... two rooftop bars followed by the best dinner ever, and then two speakeasies to top it off. We had a full out marathon from 6pm to almost 4am, and it was hilarious.

First up we grabbed a cocktail at the Monarch rooftop. I hadn't been before, so I wanted to check it out! I highly recommend this spot if you want a rooftop without a crowd or a wait. It was lovely without being busy at all!

Up next we went to the Refinery Rooftop. The majority of it is covered, and it was raining a little on Tuesday. I'd been here once before in January, and it's pretty much the same in the summer; always very crowded and young and fun! This place is always packed, so keep that in mind. This is a fabulous spot, but not ideal if you're going for something more intimate.

After the rooftop scene, we went to dinner at L'Adresse, which is across the street from Bryant Park. We found this randomly, but it ended up being incredible. We split the Thai mussels, Brussels sprouts, and the truffle pasta. Everything was phenomenal. I was seriously freaking out about how good it was... my mouth is watering looking at these pictures again.

After dinner we continued the adventures by checking out some speakeasies in the East Village. My dad wanted to go to a punk rock bar (haha.. what?) but we ended up just chillin in some very dark, tiny, cool speakeasies. The first was Death & Company, and the second was Please Don't Tell, which is hidden inside of a hot dog shop. Both had killer cocktails and amazing ambiance. Highly recommend either! They are just within blocks of each other.

Wednesday we woke up around noon as a result of our crazy night. We grabbed iced coffees and avocado toast from Bluestone Lane and then walked to Bryant park to munch for a lil brunch ;)

...yes, this outing required some serious green juice action.

 We went back to our hotel to check out, and then explored the JP Morgan museum/library nearby. It was a pretty lowkey, rainy afternoon but kind of nice to just do some chill stuff.

We split a burger at The Shakespeare down the street before heading to the airport and parting ways! The Shakespeare is located underneath The William hotel, which was quite chic. The lobby was all dark and British and moody... I would love to stay there one day.

Overall it was a quick trip but so fabulous to see everyone and spend some time in New York!

Today I am off to California with my mom to celebrate my 21st birthday on Tuesday! I'm so excited to explore San Francisco + Napa this week and have a girls week for the first time in forever!

If you missed yesterday's Hamptons recap, you can check it out here!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time and had some great eats.


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