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My Cyber Monday Purchases

Admittedly, I've been spending far too much money this semester and need to start dialing it back. We are talking major retail therapy being had over here when things are good, when things are bad, and when I'm bored.... which is a lot if you knew how much I've been skipping class lately. ....yeah, senioritis is so real.

Soooo I told myself I wasn't participating in the sales this year. I have been shopping enough lately and seriously don't need anything. But... I couldn't help myself. Some of them were too good! I kept it tame though. I really did.

This was too great of a deal and too practical not to have! I plan to wear it with my Gucci tights and a pair of silver heels for Christmas! Crossing my fingers it comes and isn't too short though.

Technically I did need this one!!! I am obsessed with my Generation G in Like but used up the entire tube about a month ago and have been missing it. I tried to replace it with Milk Makeup's Kush Balm in Plushberry, which is great, but it's just not the same!

Confession: one of the biggest reasons I love this product is because, for some reason, it just makes my lips extremely big, and I am kind of obsessed with that. Not kidding, on multiple occasions people have genuinely asked if I got my lips done. It's great haha.

Because I was placing the order for the G, I just decided to go ahead and get the solution too! I've been wanting this for so long (seriously, like since it launched!) but never got around to ordering it. I'm so excited to try it; I'll keep you posted!!

This was the most pointless of my purchases, but in my defense, ever since I discovered Boy Smells I haven't been able to stop thinking about the brand. Of course, smelling candles online is impossible, but after reading many descriptions and reviews, I think this was a good choice for me! I will be sure to report back.

Did you find any great deals?

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