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The Importance of the Perfect Tote

In my back to school essentials post on Monday I mentioned how using a tote in place of a backpack isn't the most practical option. However, having a nice, everyday tote bag is non-negotiable for college girls! Personally, I received my everyday leather tote for my 16th birthday and have used it almost everyday since. I can't think of one other thing I own that has gotten more use (except maybe running shoes or sunglasses) than this bag, and I've gotten more compliments on it and comments like, "I wish I had a bag like that!" a million times!

A nice, all-purpose tote is perfect for running errands, bringing along to interviews, clubs, meetings, etc. I haven't gone on a single trip (weekend trip, or flight, or even an overnight) without it since I was 16! It's the perfect graduation or birthday gift for any girl in her teens/twenties, as it's something everyone just needs! 

I personally have and love the Mark & Graham everyday leather tote with a diamond monogram. The monogram is the best part, and I firmly believe everyone needs a monogrammed tote. (But I'm also a monogram addict, so.. I'm biased.) Unfortunately Mark & Graham has since stopped making this style, but their quality is superb and I would recommend any of their other styles (this one is probably most similar!). After all, five years later, although my tote is a little beat up, it's still in great condition and I continue to use it more days than not. My dream tote is a Goyard St. Louis, but that's definitely not a purchase I plan on making for a while

I've rounded up a handful of everyday leather totes that I love at a variety of price points. Before my current tote, I used a Longchamp, which I loved. Those babies are indestructible and last forever! A few of my good friends have and love their MZ Wallace bags, too. Those are quilted and look amazing. Do you have an everyday tote you swear by?


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