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Senior Year Apartment: Before Photos + Plans

Some of my favorite posts I've written the last couple of summers have been a part of the Small Space Decor series that I began when I started college. From dorm decorating to moving into off-campus apartments with roommates, I've been styling my own small spaces for three years now and it's seriously one of my favorite things to do. At this point I've cultivated a nice little collection of decor pieces that have worked well in my different small spaces, but with my particular layout this year there are a few more purchases I'd like to make. Of course I am not going to stray far from my blue-and-white/gold theme...

surf print // pink globe lamp // lily pond print
white glass lamp // my favorite candle // nightstand
marble slab tray // pink scalloped dish
sheepskin rug // quatrefoil mirror // white lamp
(all of the lamps above are under $50 and so cute! I love them all!)

You can find my freshman year dorm tour here, my sophomore year apartment room here, and my junior year apartment room here. This year I can't believe it'll be my last year living with my three best friends, and this time next year I will hopefully be looking for (or already have found!) another new apartment in whatever city I end up in.

This year we are living in a fourth floor walkup with all of our own rooms again. I moved a few things into my apartment last weekend and got a lay of the land after not having seen the unit since signing our lease in October. We have a huge balcony and in-unit laundry, so the lack of an elevator has it's trade-offs!

I'm going to share a few sneak peek photos of my room! I had the biggest room in our apartment last year, so I got last pick this year (which is so fair!!). I seriously can't complain because all of the rooms are huge!

...but I would be lying if I didn't admit that the utility door pictured above is really making me mad. It's so ugly. I'm thinking of putting an oversized full length mirror like this one in that corner and then maybe hanging something over the door or covering it up with a big faux banana tree?? I attempted putting my desk against the wall above on the left, but it just looked wrong. We're going to have to work on this corner.

One more thing that bothers me about this room is the fact that you can see the dresser from the door. This is just me complaining for no reason, but simply because the dresser isn't the cutest (our apartment came furnished), it annoys me that it's in view from the doorway. However, it fits best here and I know it makes the most sense in it's little alcove, so I am probably going to keep it there. I plan to add this mirror I have above it and store my jewelry and candles on top... maybe that'll help. I love this little pink scalloped dish and this marble slab too (both under $20!).

At the foot of the bed in front of the dresser I want to put down this rug that I have in our guest room now at home.

Here is a view of the doorway if you're standing at the dresser, just for reference. To the right of the bed I want to put this nightstand and this lamp!

I haven't brought any bedding to the apartment yet, but you can assume I'll be using my same all-white ruffled bedding and adding lots of throw pillows in blue and white hues. I also plan to hang some of my gold frames vertically on the wall to the right of the window (how cute is this print?!). I also love this print that I want to hang above my bed and if I want to do anything with the wall on the right.

I love how big the window is and how much light it seeps into the room! However, my room was so bright last year even with the blinds shut that I had to sleep with a really thick eye mask and by the end of the year could not fall asleep without it. This year will definitely be the same situation because my window faces west so the sun rises right into my room. I love natural light but might need to consider getting some curtains!

I am using the same rug that I had in my room last year. I put it down after I took the other photos, and I was surprised how much of the room still went uncovered! It's an 8x10 and fit in my room perfectly last year, but apparently this room is significantly larger!

Below is a panorama I took of the room. I can't wait to show what it looks like when it's all done and see how different (and hopefully how much better) it will look!

If you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them!

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  1. All in all, the room is so cute! I'm obsessed with your massive window... like hello to all the plants you can have! Can't wait to see what you do with the place :)

  2. Are the diptyque candles worth the $$?!

    1. YES!!! I know they're ridiculously expensive but there seriously is no better candle!!!! (except Acqua di Parma but those are even more)


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