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My Christmas List

Christmas 2017 in Dallas
How is Christmas one week away!! The entire concept of Christmas really hasn't occurred to me this year, especially not until I finished my last final yesterday and my dad *finally* asked me for my Christmas list ;) kidding, kind of. So, as usual, I'm sharing it here in case any of you, like me, haven't thought about adding anything to your own list until the last minute.
Specific things I'd love to receive...

1. Aerin Ikat Jasmine perfume // This is my everyday favorite scent, and I recently used up the last of the bottle I got for my birthday in Palm Beach last year. I'd love another so I can keep wearing my favorite fragrance every day!

2. Lululemon Align Leggings // These are my favorite leggings, for both wearing to class and for working out in. Not only are they incredibly soft and comfortable (high-waisted, the best!), but when I work out in them I swear I can run and just move in general so much better than when I wear any other leggings. I'm not even exaggerating-- yesterday in my workout class I was running faster on the treadmill than I usually do, and it was definitely because I was so comfortable in my outfit. I have the camo pair but would love another in dark green or something!

3. Gold Ring // I've been wearing the same ring on my right middle finger since 2013 when it was gifted to me by my blog friend, Sloane, during our blogger Christmas gift exchange! It's so cute and amazing how it has never faded in all of these years. However, it's gotten so beat up, and I would love something more elevated as a new everyday ring. I love this one from Jennifer Fisher, but it is unfortunately sold out. This one is similar tho!

4. Veja's // I've been wanting these particular sneakers all semester long, and think about ordering them more than I should, but I have had a hard time convincing myself to buy them for myself because I have a lot of shoes. However, I really think these would be my new favorites because they are just much "nicer" looking for an everyday sneaker to wear to class / out and about. They're almost always sold out in my size, but the "white natural" color on Nordstrom is available right now in most sizes and it's fabulous!!

5. Revlon Hair Dryer // I've heard amazing things about the Dyson Air Wrap, but I am not the kind of girl who would appreciate a $500 hairdryer (or even want to spend that kind of money on such a thing). I've heard this hairdryer is an amazing, much less expensive version, especially for girls with curly hair (that's me!). It's under $50 and I think it could be a game-changer.

Random things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree:

5. Moroccan Oil // This is lame, I know, but I love putting Moroccan oil in my hair and definitely notice a difference when I do. I ran out of my bottle a couple of months ago, and it's the kind of thing that I don't like to buy for myself because it's a little bit pricy for what it is. 

6. Facial or Massage gift card // I have had excessively clogged pores on my chin the last couple of months and desperately could use some extractions at a deep cleansing facial. I am spending Christmas at my Dad's house in Dallas and I'll be there for nine days, so I think it would be so nice to spend a day at a spa getting a facial and maybe even a massage too!

7. A Matching Set // Whether it be a workout set (leggings and cropped tank / longline sports bra), a chic and fabulous pajama set, or a comfy matching jogger/hoodie set, I've been dying for a matching set and it's something I don't want to buy myself! A few examples of sets I love below:

Workout set: love this top!
Pajama set: one // two // three // four

What's on your Christmas list?



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