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One Month Into Senior Year

I originally planned on writing a pre-Senior Year post sharing my thoughts heading into my final year of college. However, as I mentioned earlier this week, time just starting going too fast, and the next thing I knew it's already been a month into the school year! At the very least, I figured better late than never to share where I'm at with this school year and my goals for the rest of the year and post-graduation.

It's still crazy to think I've already applied for graduation and in a few months, I'll be an official alumnus of Wisconsin. Three years here was not enough time, but it's been the best few years and every part of me is so thankful that I made the decision to transfer to this school. Don't get me wrong, there have been a million bumps in the road along the way, but in general, I've truly felt like this has been exactly where I was meant to be. My friends here are my favorite people in the world, and the memories I've made are ones that I will cherish forever.


This current semester has already been and will continue to be, academically very rigorous, as transferring set my schedule back a bit. I am taking two class for my major, alongside three other challenging classes within the Business school that are required. Next semester I will take my last class for my major coupled with two business electives and a communications class to fill my last requirement, so hopefully, that will be a lighter load to end the year.


I've mentioned it before, but I am majoring in Information Systems within the Business school. In terms of post-graduation plans, I am considering a few different career paths and have applied for a variety of jobs. Namely, I am interested mostly in E-Commerce roles and consulting.

I am considering jobs in Boston, New York, and Chicago, and I'd say it's roughly a three-way tie between the cities. I would love to be in each one for very different reasons, but I think wherever I end up will be just what was meant to happen. I have an inkling on which city I'll most likely end up in, but the other two are still solid options!

So far this year applying for jobs has been a high priority, and I've never been busier at school than I have these last few weeks. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that I will have a job secured by the end of this semester so that I can really just focus on school and being present during my last semester, but I know that's much easier said than done, so we will just have to see how it goes!


Looking back on my freshman year, I am not the same person I was, both personally and academically. I wanted very different things for myself as much as I envisioned myself going down a very different career path... who remembers that I went to Lehigh to major in Finance and wanted to be an Investment Banker? Lol... I even changed my major freshman year to Marketing with an Emphasis in retail, and then when I got to Wisconsin I was torn between Actuarial Science and Computer Science. I really feel like the courses I am getting to take within Information Systems are turning out to be the perfect balance for me because I am interested in those focused classes as well as the breadth courses that are balancing out my schedule.

At the end of the day, I'm just really excited about this year and all of the possibilities that lie ahead. Even though the past few weeks have been incredibly stressful and things won't be slowing down soon, things have also been really fun, and I'm figuring out what I want to do going forward, which is rewarding and exciting.

To anyone else who is a senior in college or will be next year or in a few, good luck to you and remember to just take life day by day! I truly believe everything happens for a reason and all things will work out in the end.

I found this post I wrote my first semester in college and it still resonates with me today. Read it if you need a little confidence boost or are going through a stressful time.


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