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Coffee Table Books

Whenever I'm bored or in need of a little inspiration, nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than flipping through a gorgeous coffee table book and drooling over all of the pages. As I prepare to move into my apartment in a few weeks, I've been finding myself peeking at a ton of coffee table books lately to personalize our new space and add a pretty element of decor. What is your favorite coffee table book? Shop below!

This Week's Top 10

1. Friday! This week went by fast, but the days themselves felt long. It's like just Monday was just here, and at the same time, yesterday dragged on forever. For the first time in a couple of weeks I'm heading into Friday feeling like, for the most part, I had a "good" week. I worked out every morning before my internship, ate a little healthier, did some photoshoots for the blog, posted on here a few times... it felt good! How was your week?

2. Speaking of blog posts, here's what went on around here if you missed it:

3. Currently reading Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, and I'm having a hard time getting into it. I picked it up because it had amazing reviews, but I'm really struggling to keep going. If you've read it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Palm Beach Wish List

After sharing Monday's post on What to do in Paris, I immediately got even more excited for my birthday trip to Palm Beach coming up next month. I've been to Florida three times, the most recent being Miami last year for spring break with my BFF Caroline. I'm excited to visit Palm Beach though because I've never been, and a city filled with pink details and palm trees is just right up my alley.

Outfit Roundup from Insta Stories (Vol. II)

Hi everyone! Today I am back with volume two of outfit roundups from Insta stories. I shared the first edition of this post about a month ago which you can find here, and I got some positive feedback so I thought I would do another. Just to note, a lot of the pieces pictured below are linked to something similar. A lot of what I'm wearing are pieces from previous seasons, so they're no longer available or online. I usually try to link to the same retailer that the product is, but to a piece that is currently available. Enjoy!

What To Do in Paris

I miss Paris. This entire summer I've had extreme wanderlust, particularly for Paris and Martha's Vineyard, and I can not make the desire to travel go away! I think this is in part because it's the first summer of my life I'm not heading out to the East Coast, and I miss it more than I can describe! There really isn't any reason why I'm not going, I just never got around to planning anything earlier and now it's a little too late. I am going to Palm Beach at the end of August for my golden birthday (20!) with my dad, but until then... a girl can dream, and plan her next trip to Paris ;)