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This Week's Top 10: Life Update

1. This week started off a little rocky for me but has since turned around! I went to dinner with my best girlfriends last night to say goodbye to Carin before she heads back to school today. Tonight I have another round of dinner plans with my "boss" from the wedding invitation store I've worked at since my junior year of high school./ Notice I use boss loosely... she's more like a best friend who just happened to give me a job ;)

2. On Tuesday afternoon I made a sort-of impulse decision that I am really excited about. I signed up for CHAARG, which is a health/fitness community at a bunch of universities across the country where girls motivate and encourage each other to stay fit, eat healthy, and work towards their goals! I have been running a ton this week already just by having extra motivation to work out. I am so excited to attend meetings and CHAARG events this semester to come. I think it's just another great way that I'll be able to meet new people and make friends at University of Wisconsin this year!

The Perfect Backpack

I get a lot of questions every year about what backpack I used, backpacks I have used, where to find a good backpack, etc. I think the biggest dilemma with girls in high school, college, and even middle school is trying to decide between using a backpack or a tote bag for carrying around books. Let's be real: what we all want is the practicality of a backpack with the look of a tote bag... something that is functional but still looks cute. So, what about a backpack that is cute? Hard to imagine, right? 

New York Recap: Part II

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I was at work this morning when the power went out, so I had a little bit of a break in my morning to get this post up since I didn't have time to last night. Although I am technically working "remotely" right now, a lot of the stuff I have to work on can't be accessed on outside computers (something we maybe should have looked into before now, ha). Anyways, here is Part II of my trip recap to New York two weeks ago. If you missed Part I, you can read that here!

New York Recap: Part I

I am so excited to recap the first half of my trip to New York! I went on a huge trip last summer for Rhode Island, Maine, and New York and never got around to recapping it, so I wanted to be sure to do that this time around... This year alone I have recapped my trips to Vermont, Miami, and Easter in New York and I have been recapping almost all of my vacations in the past few years on this blog. If anything, it's a useful travel guide for any of you and a fun memory to me!

Back-to-School Agenda Guide

Okay, the best thing happened when I went to write this post.  I was at Target a few days ago looking at agendas/planners and decided I wanted to talk about the ones I have used in the past and how I liked them. I was scrolling through my drafted posts when I saw the title, "Shopping for the Perfect Agenda" in my feed. As I clicked into this post, I already had a snippet of an intro paragraph written out from 2014 when I drafted it. Omg, it's so cute: