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This Week's Top 10

1. For once I'm actually not that excited about making it to the end of the week... this weekend is forecasting a lot of time in library for me! I can't say I'm feeling good yet about the two midterms I'll be taking on Tuesday, so let's hope I get some serious studying done to prepare!

2. Last weekend was, like, the greatest weekend of my life. My best friend Lauren was visiting all weekend, my roommate's best friend (and another great friend of mine) was also visiting, and my mom came up on Saturday to throw all of us and all of our school friends a huge tailgate/party in the apartment. We had the best time all weekend, but I'm glad I'm taking it easy this weekend to recover :) Next weekend though... it should be another good one!! Jack is visiting for Halloween weekend and I think we might venture down to Chicago one night to do Fright Fest at Six Flags!

3. Speaking of getting in the Halloween spirit, did you see these 7 creative costume ideas I came up with? They are perfect for any girl who wants to look extra stylish in her ensemble!

Steal Her Style

When fall rolls around every season all I want to do is layer up in sweaters and look cozy and chic as much as the next girl. However, that's a little tricky when we are bouncing between 70 degree temps in the afternoon and 40s when heading out the door in the morning. Like, what's a girl really to do besides throw in the towel and opt for a less stressful outfit when the weather's all over the place? Cue the look above: let's start there. I want to steal her style!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

I am so excited to share a curated list of what I believe should be a part of every girl's fall wardrobe staples! From a casual fur vest to a velvet skirt and suede booties, I have included a few of my favorite pieces for the season in this graphic, and I hope you will share with me your fall staples, too. 

Cozy Sweater for Class

The weather finally feels like the Octobers I know and love in Wisconsin. I wore almost this exact outfit to class yesterday and felt actually a little bit chilly in just a sweater! My ideal temperature for fall weather is mid-50s and I am so pleased to say we have finally, finally reached that point!! I love just putting on a comfy, cozy, soft sweater with leggings for class so I can look cute but still feel like I can jump right back in bed when I get home. Oh, and trust me, I do that a lot. 

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll on Insta stories last night- weekend recap won for today's post! Don't worry, an outfit will be coming soon. I had the best weekend showing Caroline around my new school and getting to see her, so I'm glad you all wanted me to recap the fun! Little visits with friends, no matter how short, really make college feel more like home. Caroline, my roommate Elizabeth, and I all had so much fun dining, shopping, and exploring downtown Madison. Here's what we were up to: