This Week's Top 10

1. A week from today is the last day of classes! So crazy that freshman year has gone by.

4. I ordered this bows top and this skirt yesterday. I wear way too much white in the summer and I love it

5. I also ordered this phone case yesterday that I have been in love with forever!!

6. Krista wrote this amazing post on the new Instagram. Couldn't agree with her more! It has gotten so frustrating with all of the updates.

7. Ugh, can't wait to be home. I want to cook everything and make myself this iced lavender dirty chai latte.

9. I adore this outfit on Sarah.... that purse? #hearteyes

10. I'm excited for this weekend! Tomorrow my sorority sisters and I are leaving for NYC to do a cruise and sleepover! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?



5 Facts About Me

I had a different post idea for today, but I wasn't feeling it last night and I thought it would be fun to share 10 facts about me to switch things up on the blog today! I think this kind of post is such a fun one to read on other people's blogs, and I am hoping you guys in return will share a fact or two of your own with me so I can get to know you better, too! (Also, side note... I feel like it's so fun when people share facts about themselves in a video! Would you guys want to see some video content this summer? Let me know!)

~ Let's get into it ~

1. I am left-handed

I'm not sure why I thought this one needed to be #1, but maybe because it's something that surprisingly effects my day-to-day life, and I always forget how uncommon it is to be a lefty! In high school, field hockey was no problem because everyone keeps their stick on their left side (just how you play the game), but I remember when I was little how hard it was to find golf clubs that were left-handed and in my size, how challenging it was to be good at a backhand swing in tennis, and how difficult it was to find comfortable left-handed baseball gloves! I hate writing on the right side of a notebook (but hey, that's half the time ;) and I always smear thank-you notes because my hand drags. Ah, the life of a lefty.

2. I shattered my iPhone 7 a week after I got it

Real talk: I am so tired of people telling me how destroyed my phone is. Seriously, I get it... and I am the one who has to deal with it! I guess if I weren't your lazy, average college student, I would have gotten this fixed by now, but I am so used to it at this point that it doesn't bother me (that much, at least, haha) anymore. I did so well for four years of iPhones without shattering any of them, and then right when I get to college and get a brand new iPhone, it's shattered within a week! I honestly just felt so bad for my mom because she was so nice and got me the upgrade, back in October when I went home for fall break, which was way before I was due for one. Then, I got back to school and cracked it (so yeah, it's been in unfortunate condition since October). I'm the worst sometimes.

3. I am really bad at sleeping

Okay, that sounds weird. But... it's kind of true. I don't take any sleep medication or anything because I really don't think I need to, but I am so bad at sleeping. It takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep (yes, I googled this), and it takes me close to 20 minutes almost every night unless I am really tired. Oh, and if I go to bed before midnight, the chance of me sleeping past 8 am are slim to none. I am most definitely a morning person, and this part I am actually really grateful for. I need a long day to get things done! This summer when I get home, I want to work on reading every night before bed. I really think that would help! For now, I have been using this pillow spray since my brother got it for me for Christmas.

4. Speaking of my brother, we are completely different.

If you ever met my brother, Adrian (he's just two years older than me), or even if you just saw us in the same room for like five minutes, you would be shocked to even discover we are related. We look nothing alike, and we are totally different when it comes to personalities too! My brother goes to school in downtown Chicago (I couldn't even force myself to look at city schools... I toured George Washington University and left after 5 minutes!) and he is totally a hippie. He had a man bun until a month ago! One thing though... we both love music. I'd like to think we have similar taste in music, but if I ever said that to him he would be so offended. He actually his his own radio show on his school radio! Haha maybe I just like all of his music and he doesn't like any of mine...

ugh, take me back to my graduation party!

5. I love math

Ever since I was little, I have always loved math! It's 100% my favorite class. I came to Lehigh intending to do finance, but I actually switched into retail marketing (I talked a little about that in this post), which for me, the only downfall is that I'll be doing less math in my future :) I remember being in middle school and being so embarrassed because I loved my math classes, and kids were always complaining about them! I thought I was such a weirdo!! Now in college, last semester was my first time taking calculus, and even though it was really challenging for me (I failed the first exam so hard), I absolutely loved it. SO much math!!! Hahaha I am weird.

What is a fun fact about you?! I want to get to know you all a little bit better! Blogging should be more of a two-sided conversation.


Your Avocado Toast Guide to NYC

While I was consuming guac the other day (who's surprised?), I realized it's pretty obvious how much  I love avocado toast, given that I talk about it on the blog at least once a week. I've been in New York a lot this year, and I always make avocado toast a brunch priority during my time in the city. What's better than an avocado toast guide in one of the best cities in the world?!

Of course, I haven't tried all of the toasts out there, so if you have a favorite avo toast in New York, you must share it with me! As for now, here are the places I'd recommend:

Felice Wine Bar -- Upper East Side // 1st and 83rd

Most recently I was at Felice. I've never had a better poached egg than here, making this toast really stand out. Atop a slice of crunchy sunflower seed bread loaded with smashed avocado, it was even better. 

Little Collins -- Upper East Side // Lexington and 63rd

I've been here twice and I will go back a million times for Little Collin's avocado toast! The feta and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are such a unique touch of flavor. The tiny shop atmosphere really feels like London, too.

Sarabeth's -- Upper East Side // Madison and 92nd

The first time I had this avocado toast was for dinner after having avocado toast for lunch the same day, and it was 110% worth it. The burrata on top was to die for.

Jack's Wife Freda -- Soho and West Village

Although I've only been here once and I didn't actually order the avocado toast, Jack's Wife Freda has an incredible atmosphere and their other food is amazing. I'm sure it would not disappoint.

Two Hands -- Nolita and TriBeCa

Same goes for Two Hands; I didn't order the avocado toast (I opted for an acai bowl), but my dad and I both loved this healthy and trendy breakfast spot, which is definitely a good sign.

The Butcher's Daughter -- Nolita and West Village

I've been raving about the Butcher's Daughter on Instagram for a couple weeks now, and I really want to go back for their toast. I had their "veg" sandwich which was loaded up with good veggies and avocados, so I know that they can work their magic with the avo's. 

byCHLOE. -- West Village // Bleecker and Macdougal

byCHLOE is all over Instagram, and rightfully so. The little spot in the West Village is so aesthetically pleasing, it's no wonder that celebs stop by here for vegan breakfast; avocado toast with cherry tomatoes included!

Two toasts I definitely want to try: Bluestone Lane and Cafe Gitane

What's your favorite variation of avo toast!? Are you an avo addict like me?


15 Graduation/Occasion Dresses

I talked about graduation party invitations and graduation gift ideas a few weeks ago, but before all else, the most essential part of graduation is securing the perfect dress! I went to a Catholic, all-girls high school, so for graduation we wore long white dresses and white gloves to our elbows. I loved the traditional look and I thought it made our graduation ceremony so special. In general, I do believe that white dresses are the perfect choice for graduation ceremonies, and I feel like most private schools ask that girls wear some sort of white dress. However, if you're graduating this year and not feeling the all-white look, I personally find seersucker dresses, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and really any other pretty dresses of that sort fabulous for the occasion as well.

Honestly, I think these dresses are all gorgeous, and they would work well for any nice occasion you might have on your calendar for this summer.

11: Gold Detail // 12: Eyelet // 13: Tiered Scallop // 14: Pink Crepe // 15: Lilac Lace

Do you have your graduation dress picked out already? Or if you're not a graduate, where did you find your dress?


On My Radar (+ exciting news!)

Remember when I changed my blog from The Blonde Prep to Fran Acciardo?! I have been realizing lately that it makes little sense that I never switched over my other handles. I did switch over my tumblr (which is a platform that I love but don't use enough... it's my favorite when I get anonymous questions and random questions to answer), but making the whole rebrand/transformation includes switching over the Instagram handle too! So.... be sure to check out my Instagram later because I will be moving to @franacciardo today!!! 

(this wasn't the super exciting news, lol. keep reading!)

Freshly is a really cool gourmet meal delivery service that reached out to me a few weeks ago to try their meals. Freshly basically lets you pick meals from their website to make eating healthy "deliciously easy," and then they get mailed right to your door! All of the meals are made-to-order and completely microwavable, so you don't need a kitchen or more than a few minutes of time, which is perfect if you're in college like meeee. 
Anyway, I tried my first meal on Saturday night (before the Alpha Phi formal!) and it was really good for a microwavable meal! Unlike other microwavable foods, Freshly's ingredients are 100% real (I looked at the list and they don't use any chemicals or preservatives, which was really impressive) and they actually taste like real food. I'd totally recommend them! 

*You can use the code nocook639, which gives first-time users $20 off Freshly's 6 meal plan

Okay... I finished Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix, and I loved it. I know the reviews are really all over the place, especially due to the subject of the series (suicide), but I thought the show did a good job of making the audience understand the impact of our decisions and how even little things can have an affect on people without us realizing it. Overall though, I am not a Netflix person at all, and I couldn't stop watching this show. It was just so engaging and made me want to know who was next and next! (And my friend Hannah Payne is in the show! She plays Stephanie. So cool!)

I went on a Target run this weekend with my roomie, and I picked up two bottles of Humm 'booch to bring back to my dorm. At my school they have Master Brew kombucha on campus, but at Target I found a new-to-me brand, Humm, on the shelves. I have been loving drinking kombucha lately because everyone here at school (myself included) has been getting sick, and kombucha is a deliciously refreshing and healthy way to get some probiotics back into your body (read my blog post on it here!). I got the Coconut Lime (amazing) and Blueberry Mint flavors, and I love how this brand is just perfectly sweet! Sometimes other brands are very bitter.

5. My Formal Dress

As I mentioned, Saturday night was Alpha Phi's formal. I borrowed this dress from one of my friends, and I got so, so many compliments on it that I wanted to share a few similar options here. (I couldn't find it online, but the brand is JOA) In addition to the 30 dresses under $100 that I posted about a few weeks ago, you can shop some cute dresses here: 

....finally! the exciting news!!!! i declared my major as retail marketing, and I will be working at a retail store this summer! I got the job this week, but I still have to sign the contract and make it all "official," but I couldn't wait to share! I'm so excited to jump into retail and work at a store! Have any of you worked in a store before?! I'd love to hear some tips or what it's really like!! Once it's all official I will be sharing what brand, but it's one of my faves :)

What's on your radar currently?! Happy Monday! (Last week of April.. how crazy is that?!)