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My First Vlog

Helloooo everyone! I just wanted to pop on and say hi before I begin taking my finals. I have my first one tomorrow afternoon, another on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, and then in just under a week I'll be home and getting ready for my holiday party with my mom! I can't wait to be done studying, but I'm honestly going to miss this semester so much!

Holiday Party Outfit Guide

When it comes to holiday festivities, there really is nothing better than getting dressed up and decked out for a party! I love all things velvet, tartan, and fur, so I'm obsessed with holiday attire. I thought it would be fun to round up a few pieces that would be perfect for any event this holiday season.

Gift Guide: My Christmas List

Happy Monday! Now that it's December, I'm officially preparing for finals and starting to think about the holidays. My mom and I host a semi-annual cookie exchange party, and this year I'm so excited to have it again. It has to be my favorite holiday event ever, so I can't wait to send out invitations and start planning my outfit. Another holiday endeavor I'm working on, of course, is my Christmas list. Most years I come up with a small handful of things I've had my eyes on to ask for, and this year is pretty much the same. My mom purposely does not ask my brother or I what we want because she always has ideas and wants to surprise us instead, so my "list" is more for my dad, grandparents, and honestly, myself!

Thanksgiving in Boston Recap

Happy Thursday! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving was only a week ago. It somehow feels like it's been forever since I've had a break from school, but I know it's just because this time of the year gets so crazy with finals coming up. I mentioned my Thanksgiving a little bit, but I wanted to share a full recap of what my weekend looked like in Boston because it was so much fun.

What I Bought + My Favorite Things On Sale

Hellloooo and happy Cyber Monday! Since the sales are still going on, I thought it would be fun to share what I purchased from the sales already and which of my current favorite things are currently on sale.