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This Week's Top 10


1. I pierced my ear Wednesday night with my friends using this $10 kit from Amazon. So easy and really kind of fun ;)

2. I am so excited for this weekend. What are your St. Patrick's Day plans?! We are planning to go out all day tomorrow to a few different parties and places. Can't wait.

3. Ordered the infamous Diptyque "Baies"candle and I am obsessed with it. Now I know why it's so popular!!!

20 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

It's no secret that the practice of self-care is trending right now, and it's something that I am genuinely trying to get behind. While I'd love to be that girl who does face masks consistently, meditates religiously, and soaks in a bubble bath every other night, let's face it, I'm not quite on that level! That said, there are so many ways we can show ourselves love, and what that looks like is different for everyone. Taking care of ourselves and treating our bodies (and minds! and souls!) with love and respect doesn't have to require anything more than a few minutes of our time. This is a concept I support and really have been trying to work on lately for general well-being. Lucky for us, there are a million-and-one ways to practice it!

Spring Steals Under $70

With spring break coming up and all of the new arrivals in my favorite stores, it's so hard to save my money for London and not buy every cute thing I've been finding lately! My favorite solution... finding a few cute pieces I love at a great price point so I can get excited about new pieces without going crazy.

How to Prevent Getting Sick in College

After being sick for the last three weeks since I got back from New York, I am finally starting to feel back to normal! I don't get sick often, but I have definitely gotten sick more in college than I did in high school, and it all boils down to learning how to take care of yourself. Understandably, it's harder to do that on your own than when you're living at home with your parents, so today I wanted to share some of the things I've learned that are most important to staying healthy in college.