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Gift Guide: The Girl Who Has Everything

Welcome back to another gift guide! The gift guide for the girl who has everything is truly one of my favorites to put together every year. Coming up with fabulous, pretty gifts for the girl who seemingly already has everything she could want is just so much fun.

Shop the gift guide:

1 // Initial Necklace love this for an everyday piece!
2 // Gold chain bracelet ...and this too! would be a great addition to a little stack
3 // Zodiac sleep mask
4 // Holiday pajama set you can never have enough
5 // UGG Slippers the cutest
6 // Silk pillowcase set
7 // Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume the best scent ever.
8 // Acne Scarf one of my best friends has this and it's so cute!
9 // Essential Oil Diffuser
10 // Rainbow Ring loooove this.
11 // Beautycounter Lip Gloss Set a clean beauty brand!
12 // Silk scrunchies
12 // Pink candle
14 // Monogrammed travel jewelry case


November Favorites

Is it just me or did November go by faster than any other month... ever??? I feel like Halloween was just last week, and now I'm in my last week of classes and thinking about Christmas gifts!!! Here's what I loved throughout November:

My Cyber Monday Purchases

Admittedly, I've been spending far too much money this semester and need to start dialing it back. We are talking major retail therapy being had over here when things are good, when things are bad, and when I'm bored.... which is a lot if you knew how much I've been skipping class lately. ....yeah, senioritis is so real.

Running 15 Miles (+ new running playlist)

On Friday I ran 15 miles!!!! I know that might not mean much to anyone else, but to me, I am so excited about this! The half marathon I did about three weeks ago was previously the most I'd run, and then on Friday, I decided to push myself and just see if I could do even more than that!

Small Business Saturday

Is it just me, or did Black Friday feel very chill yesterday? Admittedly, I didn't participate in it at all this year. I didn't feel like rounding up a huge list of sales when I knew I wasn't going to be shopping them myself. Truthfully there was just nothing I needed to buy, and I'm not quite in the mindset yet to begin shopping for all of the people on my list. However, I do want to share on here many Small Businesses that we can support today because I think I would feel less guilty when I know my purchase could really brighten someone's day.