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A Reflection + Bikinis Under $50

My whole life, I have never really felt 100% comfortable in a swimsuit. I know I'm not alone here, and it's annoying that our culture makes us think if we don't have flat abs or a thigh gap that we belong far away from a bikini. It's ridiculous that we feel we can't wear what we want because we don't look the same as the Instagram model who made us want that swimsuit.

Scrolling Back Through My Instagram

This post could not be more random, but I feel like I can't possibly be the only person that gets nostalgic while scrolling back through old Instagram posts. Especially in the summer, scrolling back reminds me of days when the only things I had planned were my daily water ballet (aka synchronized swimming) class each morning, bike rides with friends, and afternoons at the pool. It's not only the photos that remind me of great memories, but the way I edited them and the random things I posted are pretty funny. Captions were weird, and the whole point of Instagram was just to share what you are up to. UGH!!! Can Instagram please just go back to being the way it once was!!!

Summer Picnic Inspiration + Packing List

I'm a sucker for a good picnic and I always make it a goal of mine each summer to go on at least one picnic with friends or with my mom at the beach or at a park! What's better than spending an afternoon outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, sand, and each other's company among pretty snacks and sips? I love the whole aesthetic of picnics and truly consider them one of summer's many treasures. Read on for a full list of what to do and pack for your next picnic!

Summer Reading List

Happy summer babes! I have been done with exams for a little over a week now and I've found great company in a few books since I've been off school. Since I don't start my internship until late next week (more on that later!), I've been reading as much as I can not only because I don't have much else to do (lame, but true) but because I know once things start to pick up speed for the summer I'll be finding myself with less time on my hands to just relax and read. I shared a few reading updates in blog posts last summer and in the last few days on Insta Stories, so I thought it would only be appropriate to put together a formal blog post chatting about what I've read and what I want to read in the next couple of months!