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Back to School Essentials

How can a student possibly concisely list off the essential items for the back to school season?! Personally, going back to school means loading up my car multiple times to move into my apartment multiple times, and making multiple random purchases that are all deemed absolutely essential because... tis the back to school season. So, I'm probably not the best person to determine what needs to come back to school with me and what is totally unnecessary, but I do know for sure that there a few things I wouldn't be able to live without...

MY BACKPACK // I could list a million and one ways why my judgment at age 17 was extremely poor, but I think one of the biggest red flags was that I seriously thought I could be one of those girls who used a tote instead of a backpack in college. I think I lasted two days Freshman year before I Amazon Primed myself a backpack, and I've never looked back. I don't know how girls who use a tote instead of a backpack don't do serious physical harm to their bodies. It was so painful?! I love the Hunter backpack that I used this past year. It is not only comfortable, but pretty chic for a backpack, and completely waterproof. I've even gotten compliments on it, and I can guarantee few other backpacks are being complimented around campus! It's a sweeet backpack (here is a similar, much more affordable, lightweight version that I also love), but on the expensive side. The other day on Instagram I shared this High Sierra backpack that is super roomy, affordable, and lightweight that I also recommend!

AIRPODS // My life was seriously changed for the better once I got Airpods, and I'm the first person to convince anyone else that they're a necessity for life. I never used to listen to music walking to class, but then I got Airpods, and now there are few things more mood-boosting than listening to music walking around campus. They are simply essential!

PLANNER // I don't use a planner as much as I did in high school, but they are essential during those weeks where you have copious assignments and need to get yourself organized. I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but I just had to include it. Anthropologie is my go-to every year for finding a cute and functional planner!

CLASS SHOES // Sophomore year this meant my Adidas Stan Smiths, and last year I rotated between Doc Martens and Nike Air Max 90's. This year I'm thinking it'll be my new Adidas Yung's

PERFECT JEANS // So... this was my tried-and-true amazing fabulous perfect pair of Levi 501's until I literally ripped them in half in the middle of class last semester. It was tragic, and I still miss them. However, I do have a few new favorite jeans that are almost as great. I love my Pistola's and a high-rise Zara straight leg pair. Abercrombie is also an amazing place to find great jeans.

SWEATSHIRTS // This is another one that sounds dumb but I promise you can never have enough sweatshirts. I wear a sweatshirt to class almost every single day, but not in a bad way! There are a million different sweatshirts that actually make you look cool while still being a comfy sweatshirt. My favorites are Champion, like this one I have in white! Wearing a sweatshirt with jeans instead of leggings is a simple way to be comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed. How fun is the neon yellow?!

OVERSIZED SUNNIES // Anyone who knows me is fully aware that it's a rare moment if you find me without sunglasses on. I always have a pair with me wherever I go, and I can't leave the house without a pair. I love this Celine looking $10 pair (and this one too!) on Amazon Prime for those rough Friday mornings!

A variation of this outfit above is what you will find me in 99% of the time at school. This is my go-to uniform, and I rarely stray from it! What's yours?

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