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October Favorites

Tomorrow's Halloween!!!!! I can't believe it. I love Octobers and I'm always sad to see them go. This month there have been so many things I've been loving. From new favorite beauty products to a newfound addiction for hot sauce, I'm excited to share my October obsessions! Warning: there are a lot.

E X E R C I S I N G // I'm training for a half marathon! I decided last week to do the half marathon in Madison next weekend, and I'm seriously so excited about it. I've been using Class Pass to go to my favorite HIIT workout class (Kamps) 3-4 times a week for the last month/month and a half, so alternating Kamps classes with trail runs have been a really fun way to get in shape for the marathon. I don't think I've done this much consistent exercise since probably high school field hockey, and I have to say once you get into it, it's addicting. 

W E A R I N G // I caved and bought the leopard Lululemon align leggings last week. I had been wanting them for a while and just decided to go for it. Can I just say that aligns are so comfortable! The fabric feels thinner than my other Lulu leggings but softer somehow and still very high quality, of course. The aligns don't feel as tight on your body but are still extremely flattering. Definitely, recommend.

Also, I have been wearing this blazer and these booties featured in this outfit post earlier this week!

B E A U T Y // I went to Sephora with my friends a couple of weeks ago and picked up a few products that I've been so, so pleased with! I am doing a more in-depth post on all of the products, but for now, I just have to share the products that have changed my makeup routine!

H A I R // This is random, but the last few weeks on Instagram I've been getting lots of questions about the hair products I've been using, namely which shampoo and conditioner I use. At the beginning of the school year, I started using the OGX Coconut Curls shampoo + matching conditioner. I love it! The coconut scent could not smell better, and I love the way the products hydrate my hair while keeping my natural curls bouncy!

I also got a PR package from R + Co, and I've been loving their Moisture + Shine Creme. I apply a quarter-sized amount throughout my hair after I get out of the shower and it smells amazing and makes my hair feel so soft.

L I S T E N I N G // OMG. There are three new albums I want to talk about today!!! All of them came out on Friday of last week and they're all so good.

Anna of the North: Dream Girl // My Love and Dream Girl are my two favorite songs right now. I'm obsessed. Anna of the North is definitely an up-and-coming artist, but I feel like this album is going to really get her going!!

King Princess: Cheap Queen // I seriously love King Princess. She is so quirky and out there but her music is great. I was more into her this time last year, but I still really enjoyed this album! Her music is so relatable.

Kanye: Jesus is King // This is probably the first time in my life I've listened to a Kanye album the whole way through and loved it the entire time. The album is just hype and fun and I love the gospel vibes.

Overall, I've been listening to my October monthly playlist, and then my half marathon playlist when I run! There are a few songs that overlap because I just love them so much right now.

E A T I N G // I am addicted to hot sauce. I don't know what happened this month but I seriously put hot sauce on everything I eat and I can't stop. My favorite is Trader Joe's Chili Pepper Sauce.

My roommates and I also made this chili recipe last weekend and not only was it extremely easy to make, but it's very healthy and turned out so delicious! Highly, highly recommend.

D R I N K I N G // Trader Joe's wine review coming soon!!!!! Other than that, I have been seriously into Oktoberfest beer. Sooooo seasonally fabulous lol.

W A T C H I N G // A Million Little Things season 2 came out last month and I've been loving the new episodes! It's my favorite TV show if you're new here.

What have you been loving this month?

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