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Gift Guide: The Graduate

Hello, hello!! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday! Heading home for Thanksgiving to see my grandparents and family has, of course, led to the answering of many questions regarding post-graduation plans. This inspired me to put together a little gift guide for anyone shopping for someone graduating in just a few weeks, or in the spring. Leaving college, starting a job, or moving into a new apartment are all huge milestones that should be celebrated with something special!

Especially today on Black Friday when there are so many great sales, investment pieces like some of these can be scored for a great deal that rarely happens at any other time!

If you know someone who has recently accepted a job or will be doing a lot of interviewing in the coming months, a few professional essentials include:

Classic heels (40% off on Bloomingdale's right now!)
An everyday leather tote (30% off with code GIFTWELL)

For someone graduating and moving into a new apartment, some thoughtful gifts include:

A personalized set of wine glasses (20% off + free ship w code FRIENDS)
A chic bar cart (something she might not want to splurge on herself right away!)
A candle or print that reminds her of her hometown or college town! (more cities here!)

And for anyone who just deserves a timeless, nice gift, I think the following would make great gifts:

A signet ring (this is 14k gold on sale for 65% off... probably the best deal you will ever see on a gold signet ring!!)
A nice perfume for special occasions (this is the best scent ever. three of my best friends wear it religiously for special occasions. it is gorgeous!)


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