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Current Obsessions (Beauty, etc)

It's been a couple of months since I've gone through one of my phases of really, really loving a curated selection of products.. but the bug is back! I have some new ~obsessions~ I haven't been doing much shopping this summer, but with trips coming up this weekend (!!!) and another next week for my bday (!!!) I've been more into shopping lately and have a few exciting things I just have to share!

Glossier // FIRST OF ALL. This is big. I made my FIRST Glossier purchase in July and I am obsessed. The hype is real. I ordered Boy Brow and generation g in "like" and love both products so much. At first I thought I hated the generation g, but after literally 30 minutes I realized how fabulous it is. The color I got is really out of my comfort zone (I always do a nude lip) being a little bit darker, but I absolutely love it. It looks great for going out and even adds a fun pop up color when I apply it at work-- which I do like every half hour. The formula is SO smooth and creamy and you can't feel it at all. It smells amazing too. But the best part?! It makes my lips look so big. I already have pretty big lips to begin with but when I use this I'm doing the most and it's so great... haha. I have a few Kylie Jenner matte lip glosses and those do not even compare to what generation g does for your lips. I want it in every color. The Boy Brow is also fabulous. I have been using Benefit's Kabrow for the past couple of years and just wanted to try something new. The gel formula of boy brow is new for me and I find it to be much more natural looking and easier to apply! Up next I want to try the Solution, Lip Gloss, and perfecting skin tint!

Laneige Lip Gloss // Another beauty fave: when I want a little bit of a glossiness without any color, I have been loving the Laneige lip gloss. I basically use this in replacement of lip balm or chapstick and it's so great. I have the pear scent and it's wonderful. 

Bobbi Brown Face Cream // Moisturizer is probably the most essential product that I use without fail every single day. There are few things I love and rely on more than this moisturizer. I have been using this product since 2012 and nothing else compares. I will use it for the rest of my life and it's worth every penny. This summer I realized the gel formula that I used to use was discontinued, so I switched to the cream and it's amazing. I originally used the gel because I had oilier skin when I was a little teenager, but now the creamier formula is actually perfect. It's so hydrating, refreshing, and wonderful. It smells so clean and feels amazing. It's the best product ever.

Tommy Thong // This next fave is random and not something I usually talk about on here but it's so insanely fabulous I just have to share. Also, I don't think a single boy reads this blog so it doesn't really matter haha. I found a seamless Tommy Hilfiger thong at Urban Outfitters and thought it was cute so I picked it up... and then I felt it. This thong (linking the same style in a different print... it's the only color I can find online!) is the. best. material. I have ever felt. I want to get rid of every other thong I own and throw them in the trash and replace them all with this thong. It is insanely soft and thick and comfortable.. it's kind of unbelievable. Everyone needs it.

Anthro Perfume // You guys have heard me rave about my favorite perfumes, especially my Aerin Ikat Jasmine that I got for my birthday last year. Unfortunately I loved it too much and used up the whole bottle already, so I was in need of another. I was planning on ordering a new one when I walked into Anthro one day and found this perfume on sale for $20 and 50% off. It is fabulous. It literally smells like salt water and the beach and being in Newport but in a warm, delicious way. I cannot believe I got it for $10 and saved myself over $100 for skipping the Aerin. Amazing. Unfortunately I cannot find it online anywhere, but it is the "Over Land and Sea Eau de Parfum" by Illume in the scent "Surf" if you are interested!

Dang Bars // This one is kind of dumb to include but I want to because this product originally was something that I tried because it was sent to me. and now I am a loyal, true fan. Not to make a weird annoying flex, but I do get a decent amount of products sent to me, and there are some times that I don't end up loving a product! These bars I was a little skeptical about at first, but I love them and have repurchased them over and over again (you can find them at Whole Foods or on Amazon! They're usually on sale with your Amazon Prime at WF too!). I bring one to work with me almost every single day to eat for breakfast and they're great. Filling, super low in sugar, and delicious! They're even vegan, keto, and gluten-free if that's how you roll. I think if I had to choose, my favorite flavor would be the lemon matcha... but I've tried every single kind and they're all so good!

What are your current obsessions?

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