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Hamptons Weekend Recap

Returning home from New York late Wednesday night was bittersweet, as it always is! The long weekends I spend on the East Coast with my dad and his family each August are trips I look forward to all year long! It’s crazy how I wait and wait for these weekends to roll around every summer, and then they just go by so fast.

I arrived in New York on Saturday morning. I Ubered to meet my brother at Jamaica Station where we trained to my aunt’s house on Long Island to pick up the car for the weekend. Together the two of us drove out to meet the rest of our family who was already at our house in the Hamptons!

Upon arrival we were greeted by my dad, cousins, aunts and uncles, and my grandpa and his wife! We hung out by the pool for a couple of hours until it was time to get ready and head to the party. I borrowed this gorgeous dress from my bestie Celia, and it couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion! I’m so thankful she let me borrow such a beautiful dress. It’s so fun to play dress up, especially when you feel fabulous in your outfit! (for reference, the dress is by Free People! I got so many compliments and questions, so below are a few similar options I've found for you!)

The party on Saturday was so much fun. We took a million pictures, made a handful of toasts to my grandfather and my brother, and enjoyed a fabulous meal. My brother did a toast to all of us cousins, as he’s the oldest of the five of us, and it was so sweet. The party was held at the Bridgehampton Inn, in their rose garden in the backyard. The food was fabulous and the ambiance was beautiful!

After the party I went out with my youngest aunt, my dad, and my brother. We stayed out until 2am and I promptly passed out once we finally got home. I’d been up since 5am for my flight, so safe to say I was exhausted by the end of the day. 

On Sunday everyone gathered again for brunch, and then we spent the afternoon by the pool. A few people left on Sunday, but the rest of us remaining went on a long walk to the beach and then to a casual dinner. After dinner my little cousins and I ventured out for ice cream sundae ingredients and then returned home for scrabble. My dad is seriously obsessed with scrabble and it’s always a requirement that we play at least one family game every time we are together!

Sunday night was the first night I actually got a decent amount of sleep in a while!!! I slept past 10am (!!!) and went on a long walk with my aunt when I finally got up! When we got back I quickly changed and drove out to meet my youngest aunt at a photoshoot she is producing for a new skincare line coming soon to Sephora. The shoot was out in Water Mill, which is yet another breathtaking town within the Hamptons. It was my first time being behind the scenes at anything like this, and it was a really unique experience. 

I had to sign an NDA, so I can't share many more details about the products or the line. However, I snuck a few photos of the house, and just look how gorgeous it is!

At one point in the shoot I got bored (lol) and went to the hotel my aunt stayed at the night before (Baron's Cove... so cute, highly recommend!) in Sag Harbor to hang by the pool for a couple hours.

the pool at Baron's Cove

Once the shoot wrapped up, I picked up my aunt and we made a quick stop at Silver Lining Diner for dinner #1. The dinner was a press dinner, so the chef was excited to send out lots of yummy dishes for us to try! My favorite dish was the scallops, but hands down the dessert was the best part. The custard was insane (and that's coming from a girl who eats Wisconsin custard at least once a week) and the banana cream pie was NEXT LEVEL! I would love to go back one day for brunch there. It definitely gives off more of a brunch vibe, and the brunch menu looked fabulous.

custard + banana cream pie at Silver Lining Diner

We drove back to our house after the diner to quickly change and head to dinner #2. Our next stop was in Southampton, so it just made way more sense for us to stay at our house instead of going all the way back to the hotel in Sag. If you’re not familiar with the Hamptons you probably have no idea what I’m saying (lol) but the point is the area is actually WAY bigger than you’d think!!! I myself didn’t even realize it until this trip. Everything is pretty spread out, so even though I’ve been there quite a bit over the last few years, I know next to nothing about the layout of the place.

So anyway... dinner #2 was at Blu Mar, where we sat outside. By this point it was past 9pm, but we still ordered a few things to try, and they did not disappoint! Both the grilled octopus and the squid ink pasta (pictured below) were incredible. The restaurant was super thoughtful to send out a birthday dessert for me too! One week early, but I’m not complaining ;)

Check back in tomorrow to for my recap of the second part of my trip: New York City!

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