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Running 15 Miles (+ new running playlist)

On Friday I ran 15 miles!!!! I know that might not mean much to anyone else, but to me, I am so excited about this! The half marathon I did about three weeks ago was previously the most I'd run, and then on Friday, I decided to push myself and just see if I could do even more than that!

There's really no purpose to this post other than I just want to document this. I set out on a run, as usual, thinking I would run about 8-10 miles. Even though I ran 7 miles two days before, on Thanksgiving I literally didn't leave my house or go outside, so I had excess energy. In fact, I slept until noon on Friday, so the combination of pie, plenty of sleep, and a sedentary day prior left me with copious energy to burn off. Not to mention I literally had nothing else to do at my house so I figured I might as well just go run for 2 hours!!

So anyway! I set out for my run, and around mile 9 when I was close to my house, I realized I didn't really want to stop! And then I figured if I was going to keep running, I might as well just run to the point of breaking my personal record for distance...

So I kept going, running down the lakefront which is always pretty, then up onto a trail near my house, and back toward my neighborhood. This whole loop brought me to mile 14, when I started to get tired and it was getting dark outside. In typical fashion, this is when I got scared and started running home as fast as I could. At mile 15.2 I was about 5-6 blocks away from my house when I finally stopped running and decided to just walk home. 

I literally wobbled into my house and laid on the floor for 20 minutes before I forced myself to go upstairs and shower. Walking up the stairs was so hard, haha. I proceeded to eat a massive dinner of leftovers from Thanksgiving and then went to a champagne bar with my best friend that night (pictured above!). Earned it!!

It was honestly a lot easier than the half marathon I just did because it wasn't so hilly, and I went much slower than usual. Like I said, I had no intention of doing this, so I wasn't trying to go fast or anything. If anything this was just a fantastic way to waste time!

If anyone is interested: this is the playlist I listened to. After the half marathon, I needed to make a new running playlist because I was sick of my previous one (this is the one I listened to for the half). I am lowkey obsessed with Astroworld now!!! This playlist was just the perfect mix of rap to distract me, but then fun songs when I needed a little motivation. Here is the same playlist on Apple Music if that's what you use instead!

Ok, the end! yay woooo


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