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This Week's Top 10:

ireland fran acciardo cliffs of moher

photo via Jess Ann Kirby

1. Hard to believe it's December and Christmas is only three weeks away! If you are looking for any gift ideas, you can find all of my gift guides here.

2. Yesterday on my IG stories I shared some of my recent purchases! I can't get enough of this men's henley, my new boots, or this coat...

3. This little ring is under $40 and so pretty.

November Favorites

Happy December, everyone!! November was all a blur... I honestly had to look back through my camera roll to even remember what I did, which (shocker!) wasn't much. Besides the election and Thanksgiving, what even happened? Couldn't tell you! So, this month's favorites will be short and sweet because I don't know what's going on these days!!

A Few Small Business Cyber Monday Sales

Hello everyone and happy Cyber Monday! I didn't end up shopping any Black Friday sales as I just wasn't on my computer much this weekend, but I am excited to see so many sales happening today. So many people shared their favorite small businesses this weekend and I am excited to share a few new-to-me small businesses that are having great sales today!

This Week's Top 10: Black Friday Sales + Small Businesses

Happy Black Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. The weather here in Charleston hit 80 degrees and I was loving it. Anyway, for this week's top 10, I am going to share both a list of my top 10 Black Friday sales going on today and then a list of 10 small businesses that you could support this holiday season. While shopping the big sales today is fun, I am also going to try to support smaller businesses because they need it the most. 

Happy Shopping!

What I'm Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year in particular, I have so much for which I am thankful. (I am trying to use prepositions less at the end of my sentences... I think of my high school English teacher (shoutout Mr. Grandy!) and just know if I started this post with "I have so much that I am thankful for," he would send me a virtual side-eye...)

Anyway, I am especially thankful for my health, my new job, and my family this year. It has been an emotional year for our family... from my gramma on my dad's side being very sick, to my mom and dog moving to Charleston last month... so many changes. I am so grateful to have such a fabulous, loving, wonderful family whom I cherish so much, and to personally be very healthy right now, as I know so many people in our country are suffering from the pandemic.