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13 Table Lamps I'm Loving

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I'm finally starting to get back into the mindset of making apartment decor progress. When I moved in April, I was so overwhelmed with making a bunch of big-ticket purchases and just getting the basics into my apartment, and then I was out of town so much in July I just didn't really realize that my goals for my apartment had been put on the back burner and there are so many ideas that I have to make this space great and feel more complete! I am mostly just looking for art and decor, which is the fun part. 

August Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

fran acciardo august 2021 mood board desktop wallpaper

How is it August?! July flew by, spending over two weeks in Wisconsin, and then heading to Dallas this past weekend. August is generally my favorite month of the year, as it's my birthday month and means enjoying the last moments of summer, and in the past, it was time to head back to college, but this year I just don't feel the energy... 2021 feels like it's gone to fast and been too rushed, probably as a result of trying to make up for lost time last year. I am still not over my European adventure that was canceled in 2020, so the past few weeks have had me seriously daydreaming about a month in Europe, swimming in the sea, drinking spritz's, and exploring new places. You'll notice those are the vibes I channeled in this month's moodboard. I suppose a girl can dream, maybe next year! 

Fran's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

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Happy Friday everyone! This week I am postponing this week's top 10 (just a little) as the Nordstrom sale opened to the public and I really wanted to share some of my picks with all of you. I typically find the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale overwhelming, over-hyped, and honestly, a little annoying, but this year as the offices start to reopen, I've begun thinking about (or panicking about tbh) my current non-existent work wardrobe and I figured a new work wardrobe was a good reason to peruse the sale. I ended up finding quite a few pieces, both work-related and not, that I thought were a good deal and worth sharing. I surprisingly found a lot of really cute jackets and beauty items in particular!

The sale is officially open to the public so below I've rounded up pieces that are still in stock (as of this morning). Find all of my picks at the bottom of this post, but a few notes directly below:

My Latest Skincare Routine

Since becoming a "real adult," aka living alone in my own apartment, taking care of myself, being financially independent, and all of that ~fun~ stuff (lol, not), I've learned to prioritize self-care and the importance of putting intentional effort toward doing things that make me feel like I have my sh*t together. One of those things specifically has been developing a skincare routine that really works for me. I'm excited to share my latest and greatest skincare routine, in partnership with Maelove!

This Week's Top 10

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Happy Friday! Getting back to NYC and returning to my apartment this week has been... well, it's definitely had its ups and downs. I am still adjusting to my "life" and routine here, but overall I am feeling a bit more motivated and just overall more at peace than I did living out of a suitcase and running away from the city. I am actively trying to adapt to city life a bit more, and that starts with not leaving for weeks at a time every month. Of course, my time in Wisconsin and with Joe was fabulous, but it's unsustainable to, like, pretend I still live there, without putting in much effort to make NYC feel like my home now. Just working on finding that balance! I'll be here all of August so I definitely think that will help me shift gears!

Anyway! Happy Friday, let's get into the top 10 of the week: