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A Day in my WFH Life

The most requested response from my IG poll of blog post suggestions last week had something to do with a job update, WFH life, balancing work with blogging/social life/working out, etc. I'm glad many of you are curious about this, and I am excited to share my daily routine with you today. It has been quite an adjustment and I am so excited to share!

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday! This week really flew by... I didn't do much but I'm happy the weekend is already here again. One thing I did do, however: watched Emily in Paris... and I have some thoughts.

Shopbop's Sitewide Sale

fall fashion sweater blazer winter whites

Now that I'm a ~working adult,~ I want to stop shopping for quantity and instead focus on quality pieces that I will have forever. One of the best places, in my opinion, to find fabulous, high-quality clothing is Shopbop! In college, I rarely placed orders at Shopbop for everyday clothing because it was just too expensive and too nice for outfits that I'd end up wearing to class. Now that I am planning a move to NYC and clearing out my closet, I want to fill my closet with nice pieces and their sitewide sale is a great opportunity to grab pieces that rarely get discounted!

Easy Fall Transition Outfit

Although it's mid-October, the weather is still pretty warm here in Wisconsin. I'm so happy not to be wrapped up in a puffer quite yet, but I have had to get a little creative dressing for these warmer fall temps. I'm so used to it already being fifty below this time of year! Introducing: an easy, seasonally appropriate fall outfit idea: sweater + shorts.

Fall Home Decor

This post has been in my drafts for weeks now and I am excited to finally hit publish today. It's crazy to think that just a few months ago I still planned to move to NYC for the start of my job last month. As grateful as I am to be home with my mom who does seriously everything for me, there are a lot of things I enjoyed about apartment living in college. I really look forward to the day I can finally make it out to the city and have my own space, and I know when I get there it will have been well worth the wait. Until then, I am loving all of the Halloween and fall decorations in my house and wanted to share a roundup of some fun fall decor that maybe will inspire you to spruce up your own current environment.