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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday! Sorry this post is going up a few hours later than usual, but as I write this I am enjoying the Starbuck's pumpkin muffin- so good!! I don't usually go for their holiday drinks, or even their bakery (it's not the healthiest at all) but I wanted to treat myself because it's Friday and it is so delicious! Everything in moderation!!

2. Currently in the process of deciding what to be for Halloween, but I already know I have to have this and incorporate it into at least one of my costumes for "halloweek." Do you guys have any ideas of what you want to dress up as? Maybe I'll come up with some fun ideas and do a post to inspire!!!

3. In case you haven't heard (you definitely have though), Shopbop is have a major sitewide sale and I think I need these jeans. Now is perfect time to purchase because so many brands you can never find for sale are at least 20% off.

Random Things I Couldn't Go A Day Without

When I first got to college last year I realized that 1) I really underpacked, and 2) because of that, I know what's essential in my everyday life. I can justify #1 by reminding you all of my first-time-off-to-college horror story: I was on a two week vacation extravaganza extremely late August and I missed my flight home, so I had to get on a new flight two days later, and I made it home with only 24 hours to unpack, repack, and get on another plane to go to college (yeah, it was hectic). It's no wonder I underpacked and forgot things, right? I want to share a few things that are totally essential, that I would never forget to pack, anywhere I go:

Booties for Every Budget

Well, who knows if fall is really coming at this point. I mean, we didn't have 90 degree weather all summer long and of course now that it's officially fall, these temps are not only refusing to drop, but seemingly increasing everyday! Not sure if summer is ever planning to leave us behind, but a girl can dream for fall, right?

My Transfer Experience | VLOG

It's a big day over here!!! I have decided to share my full transfer "experience" and why I decided to transfer colleges in a video! I have to admit I am a little nervous to share this just because I don't love hearing/watching myself talk on camera, but hopefully you'll all enjoy the video and not think I'm too weird :) Hopefully I didn't ramble on too much and my words actually make sense to you guys! Like I mention in the video, I have been receiving so many questions lately on why I transferred, how I knew I wanted to, and how things have been at my new school, so I just thought it made the most sense to really explain the topic in a video since it's a bit of a long story.

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy first day of fall! It's insanely rare to have a 90 degree day in Wisconsin, so the fact that the temps are this high as we head out of summer is really crazy! Hopefully it'll start cooling off soon so I can break out my sweaters and start Instagramming the orange leaves ;)

2. I have been totally enamored with Song of Style's youtube channel as of late. I had always admired Aimee's blog and style, but after watching her vlogs I love her even more for how real and funny and kind she is, especially for someone so "famous" in the blogging world! My favorite videos of hers are the fashion week daily vlogs and her house remodel updates!!!

3. I placed a huge order at ASOS this week and this is the piece I am most excited about (random, but I love it).

Sweaters for the Season

Fall is rolling in and that means it's time to stock our closets with all of the sweaters! Something about fall always sends me into the ritual of pulling out the same pieces and wearing the same things over and over again, like my favorite sweaters, jeans, and booties. Maybe this season I'll expand on my neutral color palette and try something like that cozy pink tunic number or light blue fluted sleeve sweater... but, if not, it would be fun to just try a new silhouette like a lace-up cardigan or off-shoulder option.

This Week's Top 10

1. I'm heading to Chicago this afternoon for the weekend! My dad is coming up from Dallas to pick me up from school and drive down to Chicago to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday. I can't wait to see them both and spend the afternoon tomorrow at the Cub's game!

2. I went to the club fair and study abroad fair on Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited about some of the opportunities available to me at UW-Madison. I want to do it all!! I am still so torn for my major (I just love so many of the options) so I am definitely hoping that joining a few clubs will help me gauge my interests. Even last night a few friends and I went to a dinner kickoff for a club, and it was fun just to step out of our comfort zone and try something different to meet new people.

3. One thing I am extra excited about at UW: Moda Magazine. This entirely student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine is incredibly well done, professional, and inspirational! I want to join it and maybe do writing, photographing, or a little graphic design!

What I Eat at College + My Grocery List

Last week I shared four go-top recipe ideas in this blog post and a couple of food Insta stories, and I got a lot of questions about what I actually eat in a day. While I don't have a quick answer to that question (it changes everyday!), I will say I eat the same types of things daily because my grocery list is small and simple, and our apartment doesn't have the best storage to keep an overwhelming amount of food around. Plus, being just one person (and occasionally sharing groceries with my roomie) I don't want to buy too much food and risk it going bad. Below I'm sharing a few of my favorite things that I eat at school, along with a mini grocery list of foods I couldn't go without in my apartment!

3 Outfits to Recreate This Fall

We experienced an 80 degree day here in Wisconsin yesterday. Not only is that pretty rare to occur even in the summer, but being almost halfway through September had me convinced I'd be layering on my sweaters by now! I guess I will just have to prepare for fall through Pinterest for the next few weeks. After all, fall is short and Wisconsin winters aren't my favorite, so I can't complain about these last days of sunshine. When fall does roll in, however, here are some outfits I want to recreate: 

Cool Yoga Clothes + My Yoga Experience

Having a yoga membership has done wonders for my quality of life already, and it has only been two weeks of nonstop practicing that has gotten me to this realization. I used to do yoga sporadically with my mom in middle school and early in high school, but I had turned to running and playing sports in the last few years. Purchasing a 30-day unlimited yoga pass was a spontaneous decision, but as soon as I took my first class I knew I would get my money's worth from the studio. Not only are the classes challenging and a great workout, but the people who surround me during class are my motivation to keep going, keep working hard, and keep showing up.

Benefits of + Becoming a Morning Person

Oh, happy Monday! Try not to dread it. It's another week that you can make great things happen.

I've briefly mentioned a few times that I am a morning person, but I have never really chatted fully about the benefits and how I came to be the kind of person who thrives in the AM hours. I would say I came to this realization last year at school when I would consistently wake up before my alarm, but I continued to notice this summer that some of my favorite moments of each day were the simple moments spent running through my morning routine. I find mornings so peaceful and satisfying, and I want to share a few tips that might motivate you to become a morning person too!

This Week's Top 10

1. aaand the first week of classes comes to a close! I am really excited about this semester because my course load consists of some pretty random classes as I plan to apply to the business college in the spring. We're talking French, art history, botany, and nutritional science. Random, but could definitely turn out to be really cool subjects!

2. Tomorrow is another game day and my new game day shoes are getting me hyped!!! For how cute they are, I am seriously telling you all that you won't find a better deal anywhere if you need a cool pair of sneaks.

Fall Wishlist

Denim and cozy vibes are all I want this season. Now that I have transferred to a much larger school, I know the need to be comfortable as I walk upwards of 15 minutes to some classes is not only practical, but necessary. I haven't had to endure as many hills as I did on Lehigh's mountainside campus, but the University of Wisconsin is multitudes larger than Lehigh and I'm not used to being forced into a half-sprint just to make it to a different hall on time.

5 Books I Read This Summer

Toward the beginning of the summer I talked a lot about how I wanted to read more and what some of my summer reading goals included. I read a total of 4 and a half books (couldn't get through one of them!) and for the most part I really loved the challenge I set up for myself. Now I feel like reading is more of something I enjoy and want to incorporate into my daily routine, rather than a chore or something I need to do just for an assignment. Oh, speaking of assignments, how fitting that this goes live on the first day of classes! Hard to believe today's the day summer is truly, officially over ;(

I want to recap this post a little and share what I ended up reading, and how I liked each book:

Unique Homecoming Dresses Under $200

With homecoming season (and wedding season!) in full action, I thought it would be fun to share 12 unique dresses that are sure to stand out. I love the dresses above because each one is fun and different in it's own way but would totally work for a nice occasion (even that emerald jumpsuit is definitely appropriate for homecoming!). I think my favorite is that striped off-shoulder number or this white statement romper.

4 Go-To Dinner Recipes

One of the best parts about living in an apartment so far has been the access to a kitchen and opportunity to cook whenever, and whatever, I want! Stocking my apartment with healthy and delicious ingredients has made me excited to create yummy and nutritious meals everyday. I thought it would be fun to share some easy recipes I've found online that would make the perfect go-to dinner for a night when you need a little easy meal inspiration.

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy September! Today is the first UW game day of the season! I'm so excited to tailgate and spend a day in red and white. #gobadgers (I ordered these shoes and I know they're so over the top, but they are just too fun I had to have them)

2. I am officially obsessed with yoga! My best friend/roommate and I purchased a month-long pass to a nearby yoga studio and have gone everyday so far, trying out different strength and sculpting classes. I love the feeling of being sore but not sore enough that I can't go back, and I know that I am already getting stronger! Do you guys have any favorite yoga brands for clothes I should check out?

3. Classes start on Wednesday and I am really excited to start off my new collegiate career (is that weird to call it that?) at Wisconsin. Like I mentioned in this post, I have only been here for a week but it already feels like home more than Lehigh ever did. Let's hope it stays this great!