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3 Outfits to Recreate This Fall

We experienced an 80 degree day here in Wisconsin yesterday. Not only is that pretty rare to occur even in the summer, but being almost halfway through September had me convinced I'd be layering on my sweaters by now! I guess I will just have to prepare for fall through Pinterest for the next few weeks. After all, fall is short and Wisconsin winters aren't my favorite, so I can't complain about these last days of sunshine. When fall does roll in, however, here are some outfits I want to recreate: 

+ backless loafers (this pair looks just like gucci but for $20!)
petite watch (I linked the style that I own and love by Daniel Wellington; if you purchase from their site you can get 15% off your order with the code FRAN15)

+ cool black heels (I'd probably do something more casual like sneaks like these, which I just purchased for classes and everyday wear!)

Where are you finding your fall fashion inspiration? All of the content from fashion week last week has me crazy motivated for the next month or two... I really need to step up my game!

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