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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy first day of fall! It's insanely rare to have a 90 degree day in Wisconsin, so the fact that the temps are this high as we head out of summer is really crazy! Hopefully it'll start cooling off soon so I can break out my sweaters and start Instagramming the orange leaves ;)

2. I have been totally enamored with Song of Style's youtube channel as of late. I had always admired Aimee's blog and style, but after watching her vlogs I love her even more for how real and funny and kind she is, especially for someone so "famous" in the blogging world! My favorite videos of hers are the fashion week daily vlogs and her house remodel updates!!!

3. I placed a huge order at ASOS this week and this is the piece I am most excited about (random, but I love it).

4. I am currently trying to go through my wardrobe and get rid of the pieces that just don't suit me anymore. In a sense, doing a closet cleanse!! I will be selling a ton of pieces on my Poshmark, so check there to shop my closet! I'll probably upload things throughout the weekend.

5. I'd love to rebuild my fall wardrobe with all of the pieces in this post.

6. + this top is gorgeous, perfect for fall, and under $50! 

8. Also love these 20 ideas to start feeling festive this fall. My roomie and I already did number one by making this purchase we are obsessed.

9. I'm thinking I'll make this 4 ingredient zoodle recipe for dinner tonight! To read more about what I eat at my apartment + my grocery list, check out this post I shared last week.


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  1. that t-shirt is so cute and so you!! I would love to get it but I feel like a poser not knowing any french, lol


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