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My Transfer Experience | VLOG

It's a big day over here!!! I have decided to share my full transfer "experience" and why I decided to transfer colleges in a video! I have to admit I am a little nervous to share this just because I don't love hearing/watching myself talk on camera, but hopefully you'll all enjoy the video and not think I'm too weird :) Hopefully I didn't ramble on too much and my words actually make sense to you guys! Like I mention in the video, I have been receiving so many questions lately on why I transferred, how I knew I wanted to, and how things have been at my new school, so I just thought it made the most sense to really explain the topic in a video since it's a bit of a long story.

At the end of the day, I never saw myself attending UW Madison because I always wanted to go to a small school on the East Coast, aka Lehigh, but I am much happier now that I am here. It's so funny to look back at my senior year self when I only applied to Lehigh and couldn't wait to start my four years there. Funny how times change!

Hopefully you all enjoy the video, and please let me know what you think/if I should make more videos!! I surprisingly had a ton of fun doing this, so I would be really excited to make this a weekly or biweekly thing!

Have a great Monday,


  1. Yay so proud of you!! Can't wait to visit in 2 weeks :)

  2. More vlogs! This was so refreshing to hear from you explaining how you made this decision, thanks again!


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