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5 Books I Read This Summer

Toward the beginning of the summer I talked a lot about how I wanted to read more and what some of my summer reading goals included. I read a total of 4 and a half books (couldn't get through one of them!) and for the most part I really loved the challenge I set up for myself. Now I feel like reading is more of something I enjoy and want to incorporate into my daily routine, rather than a chore or something I need to do just for an assignment. Oh, speaking of assignments, how fitting that this goes live on the first day of classes! Hard to believe today's the day summer is truly, officially over ;(

I want to recap this post a little and share what I ended up reading, and how I liked each book:

Why Not Me? // I feel like I talked about Mindy Kaling's memoir often in late May/early June while I was reading it, because at the time I thought it was the funniest thing. While I was reading it I really enjoyed the light material, perfect for a summer book, and it totally made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. That said, I was never completely enthralled (with what I remember). Looking back, it was definitely an entertaining read and I enjoyed it, but compared to two particular other books I read this summer, this wasn't the one I would say you need to add to your list. 

Girls in White Dresses // If we are being completely honest, I couldn't even remember what this book was about when I sat down to write this post. I only even knew I read it because I had talked about finishing it in this blog post! After rereading the description a few times I can now remember that I enjoyed this book, but it was just another summer light read. I would say go for it, add it to your list if you are looking for a light and casual read (I usually like to keep a running list of this sort as a back-up), but it didn't stick out to me or really strike me, like, at all.

My Paris Dream // When I picked this one up at the library I was pretty excited to go for another non-fiction, especially because I had enjoyed Mindy Kaling's humorous memoir earlier in the summer. This memoir I knew would be different, as it focused on the college years and 20's of a New Yorker turned Parisian on an adventure to cultivate a new life for herself. I really tried to get into this, as Kate's adventures and experiences are similar to my aspirations, but I just couldn't. I was bored! There was no plot or climax or suspense... there were no characters with whom I felt connected. It was also written so real (wish I should applaud the author for) that I couldn't even vicariously live through the experience, because like anyone's real life, things aren't perfect. Moving from New York to Paris is going to be a challenge! Suffice it to say, this one just wasn't for me.

Tell Me Three Things // Okay... this one was good. This comes in for me as a very close runner-up to Big Little Lies that I will chat about next. I truly, truly loved this book! It was a light read, again, but I loved the story behind the high school romance. A quick summary: the main character moves from Chicago to LA after her mom dies, forced to start a new life in a new city, at a new school, and to make friends. Upon arrival, a random person at her new school starts direct messaging her anonymously. The two begin to really connect and it is so exciting to see which character ends up being revealed as the messenger from behind the screen!

Big Little Lies // Hands down my favorite book on this list. For a 500 page book, I read this in just about a week and couldn't pull myself away at times. It's basically a backwards murder mystery revolving around the lives of three women and their families at a public elementary school in Australia. I couldn't get enough of the characters, their lives, their secrets, and attempting to just figure out who it was that ended up dead at the school trivia night. Big Little Lies has also recently been made into an HBO show featuring Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Nicole Kidman.

Have you read any books lately that you would recommend?

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