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This Week's Top 10

1. I'm heading to Chicago this afternoon for the weekend! My dad is coming up from Dallas to pick me up from school and drive down to Chicago to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday. I can't wait to see them both and spend the afternoon tomorrow at the Cub's game!

2. I went to the club fair and study abroad fair on Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited about some of the opportunities available to me at UW-Madison. I want to do it all!! I am still so torn for my major (I just love so many of the options) so I am definitely hoping that joining a few clubs will help me gauge my interests. Even last night a few friends and I went to a dinner kickoff for a club, and it was fun just to step out of our comfort zone and try something different to meet new people.

3. One thing I am extra excited about at UW: Moda Magazine. This entirely student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine is incredibly well done, professional, and inspirational! I want to join it and maybe do writing, photographing, or a little graphic design!

4. One of my big goals is to visit all 50 states. Here are the best vegan restaurants to try in each state if you're a big traveler but also a vegan! (Or just love a good vegan restaurant, like me... can anyone else agree that they always have the best vibes?!)

7. ...and improving your life even more might just start by becoming a morning person or trying out a new meditative practice, like how I tried yoga! I shared my experience with becoming a morning person earlier this week on the blog in this post, and my yoga experience (and cute yoga clothes!) in this post.

9. I can't stop wearing these shoes! I just bought them at the start of classes and have worn them almost everyday.

10. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Keep up on Instagram to see my adventures in Chicago!


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