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This Week's Top 10

1. aaand the first week of classes comes to a close! I am really excited about this semester because my course load consists of some pretty random classes as I plan to apply to the business college in the spring. We're talking French, art history, botany, and nutritional science. Random, but could definitely turn out to be really cool subjects!

2. Tomorrow is another game day and my new game day shoes are getting me hyped!!! For how cute they are, I am seriously telling you all that you won't find a better deal anywhere if you need a cool pair of sneaks.

4. A few other posts from the week:

5. You guys!!! One of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie, got married last weekend! I admittedly spent the whole day ogling over her bridesmaids' Instagram stories, trying to live vicariously through the photos and videos shared in real-time. Her wedding looked gorgeous! (Does that make me sound so creepy?)

6. I feel like I want a new phone case... this or this? Comment below!

9. I love Isabella's goals for the fall. Definitely things we could all aspire to stick to!

10. This weekend should be such a fun time because a Saturday game day feels like the real deal compared to the first game day last week at 8pm. Do you have any plans?


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  1. You should totally get the first case, and your blog is absolutely beautiful!


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