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Fall Wishlist

Denim and cozy vibes are all I want this season. Now that I have transferred to a much larger school, I know the need to be comfortable as I walk upwards of 15 minutes to some classes is not only practical, but necessary. I haven't had to endure as many hills as I did on Lehigh's mountainside campus, but the University of Wisconsin is multitudes larger than Lehigh and I'm not used to being forced into a half-sprint just to make it to a different hall on time.

Another thing about UW's campus climate: everyone seems to dress so well. I was surprised on the first day of class when I wasn't the only person with the idea to show up in jeans... I half expected the entire student body to be in running shorts or leggings and a sweatshirt, but I really appreciated that students looked put together for class in "real" outfits. I can't tell you how much my all-girls high school lifestyle had rolled over into my college attire last year. (Think: no makeup, bedhead for hair, and half pajamas-half activewear for class.)

So... here's what's on my fall wishlist:

1 // A boss jacket that just happens to be in French (salut! French minor over here!) and UW's colors.

2 // A classic striped tee with a quirky embroidered twist.

3 // A cozy henley/sweatshirt combination that could be paired with jeans and booties or dressed down with leggings and sneaks.

4 // A cream sweater. You can never have enough of these.

5 // Who knew hoop earrings would ever come back in style?! I love this simple pair because they are the perfect mid-size while being a little different (they sit right on your ear instead of loop around!) and this drop down pair because the thicker, shinier gold feels so autumnal to me.

6 // A camel bag that combines all of my favorite things... suede, leather, an around $100 price tag, a cute shape, and metal details.

7 //  A cool pair of boyfriend jeans.

8 // Comfy joggers for lounging around but maybe even sporting to class on those days when you can't make a "real" outfit happen.

9 // Leggings that aren't your average pair.

10 // Heeled booties in the perfect, flattering height, shape, and color.

11 // Platform sneaks... because they make any outfit look like you've got street style even when you might not. ;)

12 // Patent leather ankle boots that stand out among everyone else's leather pairs.

13 // A versatile patterned bandana to tie on your bags, as a bracelet, or around your neck to spice up a simple outfit.

14 // A big, striped scarf in fall's palette to keep you cozy for these few months.

What's on your fall wishlist?

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  1. what great picks! looks a lot like what's on my style board for the fall too :)


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