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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy September! Today is the first UW game day of the season! I'm so excited to tailgate and spend a day in red and white. #gobadgers (I ordered these shoes and I know they're so over the top, but they are just too fun I had to have them)

2. I am officially obsessed with yoga! My best friend/roommate and I purchased a month-long pass to a nearby yoga studio and have gone everyday so far, trying out different strength and sculpting classes. I love the feeling of being sore but not sore enough that I can't go back, and I know that I am already getting stronger! Do you guys have any favorite yoga brands for clothes I should check out?

3. Classes start on Wednesday and I am really excited to start off my new collegiate career (is that weird to call it that?) at Wisconsin. Like I mentioned in this post, I have only been here for a week but it already feels like home more than Lehigh ever did. Let's hope it stays this great! 

4. I can't wait to share more photos of my apartment. We are still working on getting things hung to the walls and adding pieces here and there, but I promise a tour is coming!

5. Speaking of decor, I think I need this pillow; which color is best?!

6. I finished Big Little Lies the other day and oh. my. gosh. If you guys don't have this book on your radar, you need to read it. Seriously, incredible. The whole backwards murder mystery thing with an insanely good plot is genius, creative, and page-turning... to say the least.

7. Now: I am starting Small Great Things, as it was the summer reading book at my high school (read more about my internship here) and I think the topic of racism in our society is something that I can definitely learn more about.

9. Some really great sales happening this weekend for Labor Day:

10. Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Labor Day! Do you have any fun plans for the three-day weekend?


  1. Glad to hear you're loving your new college so far!! And OMG- Isn't Big Little Lies amazing?! I also read The Husband's Secret and The Hypnotist's Love Story, both by Liane Moriarty as well and were crazy good. You should also watch BLL if you haven't yet! XO, Nicole //

  2. So glad you feel at home at Wisconsin!!! I'm sure you'll have a great year :)


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