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Cool Yoga Clothes + My Yoga Experience

Having a yoga membership has done wonders for my quality of life already, and it has only been two weeks of nonstop practicing that has gotten me to this realization. I used to do yoga sporadically with my mom in middle school and early in high school, but I had turned to running and playing sports in the last few years. Purchasing a 30-day unlimited yoga pass was a spontaneous decision, but as soon as I took my first class I knew I would get my money's worth from the studio. Not only are the classes challenging and a great workout, but the people who surround me during class are my motivation to keep going, keep working hard, and keep showing up.

I haven't actually noticed any physical differences since starting, but I have noticed a lot more mental clarity, a sense of calmness, and sometimes in class I can really feel myself getting stronger. At the studio I go to I frequent the "sculpt" and "power" classes, and I love that both feel challenging, but in totally different ways. Sculpt Yoga is more of a complete workout, incorporating lots of squats, cardio like high knees and mountain climbers, planks, and more. We use dumbbells in that class and I always leave feeling like I accomplished way more than I ever could on my own! As minute as it sounds, just being forced to stay in a room for 60 minutes (forced might be a strong word) really lets me get more done than if I were just working out by myself in a gym where I could give up whenever I wanted to.

Power Yoga is more of a grounding practice that focuses on challenging yoga poses to gain strength rather than incorporate cardio and burn a ton of calories. We usually do a lot of warriors, chair poses, and vinyasa flows. It's fun to alternate the classes everyday so I don't get burnt out!

I also just like to go, as I mentioned, to be surrounded by girls who have similar mindsets and goals, and who wear the cutest yoga clothes! I had so much fun picking out the pieces above, as well as a few others. You can shop everything and more in the carousals below:


Sports Bras



Do you practice yoga? Do you have any favorite yoga clothing brands?!


  1. I absolutely love yoga! My college offers free yoga classes on a daily basis! It is such a beneficial experience because it lengthens and strengthens your entire body in just an hour! How do you enjoy Old Navy's athletic wear?

  2. Fran- so funny you posted this because I'm "going through" (def not the right word but whatever) the same thing right now. I purchased a 30 day unlimited yoga pass at a new studio near me and have been absolutely loving it. It has transformed my mood, thoughts and just how I go about my day. And it's given me an excuse to get some cute yoga outfits, of course ;) Glad someone else new to yoga is loving it as much as I am! XO Nicole //


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