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You, Me, Oui!

Happy Halloween! Are you guys doing anything fun tonight? I saw this beret at Anthropologie this weekend and I had to have it. Ironically, it matches with the French-girl costume I was planning to wear tonight, and with the cold weather we are expecting it might just really come in handy to keep me warm! In fact, doesn't this whole outfit look kind of French? We shot in front of one of the most beautiful buildings on campus and I thought the backdrop was perfectly fitting with its European/Parisian architectural vibes...

This Week's Top 10

1. I can't believe we actually made it to Friday afternoon. This week has felt like one of the longest, with a new stressor seeming to pop up every day. Having two midterms on Tuesday meant my entire weekend was basically spent in the library (with the exception of going out to tailgate for game day on Saturday for literally only two hours) and then a paper on Wednesday and another exam just a two hours ago really had me exhausted. Not to mention there were plenty of non-academic complications that just had to occur this week, but suffice it to say that I am quite excited to head home for the weekend this afternoon. 

2. This is the first time I'm heading home since being at school this year, and I am really impressed with my ability to hold out until now. Last year, despite my school being two plane rides away (and this year being just over an hour drive), I was desperate to go home all of the time and went home for the first time mid-October. I guess it's different this year not only because I like my school more, but because a lot of my favorite people have visited me already. Nonetheless, I think this is a true expression of how much more I am loving life at college this year. (Shameless plug to watch my transfer experience vlog ;)

3. This is the first week that it's been seriously cold out (in the 30's today), so my Barbour jacket has been my best friend for the last few days.

This Week's Top 10

1. For once I'm actually not that excited about making it to the end of the week... this weekend is forecasting a lot of time in library for me! I can't say I'm feeling good yet about the two midterms I'll be taking on Tuesday, so let's hope I get some serious studying done to prepare!

2. Last weekend was, like, the greatest weekend of my life. My best friend Lauren was visiting all weekend, my roommate's best friend (and another great friend of mine) was also visiting, and my mom came up on Saturday to throw all of us and all of our school friends a huge tailgate/party in the apartment. We had the best time all weekend, but I'm glad I'm taking it easy this weekend to recover :) Next weekend though... it should be another good one!! Jack is visiting for Halloween weekend and I think we might venture down to Chicago one night to do Fright Fest at Six Flags!

3. Speaking of getting in the Halloween spirit, did you see these 7 creative costume ideas I came up with? They are perfect for any girl who wants to look extra stylish in her ensemble!

Steal Her Style

When fall rolls around every season all I want to do is layer up in sweaters and look cozy and chic as much as the next girl. However, that's a little tricky when we are bouncing between 70 degree temps in the afternoon and 40s when heading out the door in the morning. Like, what's a girl really to do besides throw in the towel and opt for a less stressful outfit when the weather's all over the place? Cue the look above: let's start there. I want to steal her style!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

I am so excited to share a curated list of what I believe should be a part of every girl's fall wardrobe staples! From a casual fur vest to a velvet skirt and suede booties, I have included a few of my favorite pieces for the season in this graphic, and I hope you will share with me your fall staples, too. 

Cozy Sweater for Class

The weather finally feels like the Octobers I know and love in Wisconsin. I wore almost this exact outfit to class yesterday and felt actually a little bit chilly in just a sweater! My ideal temperature for fall weather is mid-50s and I am so pleased to say we have finally, finally reached that point!! I love just putting on a comfy, cozy, soft sweater with leggings for class so I can look cute but still feel like I can jump right back in bed when I get home. Oh, and trust me, I do that a lot. 

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll on Insta stories last night- weekend recap won for today's post! Don't worry, an outfit will be coming soon. I had the best weekend showing Caroline around my new school and getting to see her, so I'm glad you all wanted me to recap the fun! Little visits with friends, no matter how short, really make college feel more like home. Caroline, my roommate Elizabeth, and I all had so much fun dining, shopping, and exploring downtown Madison. Here's what we were up to:

This Week's Top 10: Under $100 Finds

Happy Friday! This weekend in particular is one that I have been looking forward to since the last came to a close. Caroline visiting, a game day and the farmer's market tomorrow, rooftop yoga and brunch on Sunday... I finally have a bunch of things to do!!! Haha, but actually. In case you missed it, yesterday on the blog I shared what's new in my life as of late. So, I want to mix up This Week's Top 10 from what's happening in my life and sharing random things and instead share a round up of ten pieces I discovered this week all under $100!


last night's insta @franacciardo

Today I wanted to share a fun little post to update you all on my life at college and what I have been up to, listening to, wearing, reading, doing, etc! I wanted to touch on some aspects of my life that are often neglected on the blog, so I had a ton of fun pulling together these little life updates to share:

7 Halloween Costumes for the Fashion Girl

Kendall Jenner and a friend dressed as Karl Lagerfeld and his cat in 2015.

I have always been a huge fan of Halloween. I can probably blame my mom for my Halloween enthusiasm because it is her all-time favorite holiday by far, and I grew up with her going all out year after year. She has the wild Martha Stewart Spooky Scary Sounds album (you can listen to the YouTube clip here) that she would play literally on full blast on our record player throughout the house all night long, until like midnight, with our house decked out, lights dim... it was so over the top but so fun, and something that I always think about when I look back on Halloween. Typing that out, I'm realizing it might be a little weird to have such vivid memories from what some people consider a random holiday, but that's just how dedicated my mom is to Halloween!

Favorite Fashion Week Street Style Looks

Fashion month is officially over. September, I can't thank you enough for sharing such incredible street style ensembles season after season. When it comes to the last four weeks of fashion week in New York, Paris, London, and Milan, the street style looks are never ending, and they most definitely never cease to amaze. Scrolling through the content on Vogue during the month of September is almost surreal that so many incredible and cool It girls can look that fabulous. Am I right, or am I right?!

Healthy + Easy Sweet Potato Pancakes

This weekend for game day my roommate and a few friends of ours decided we wanted to go all out for our morning tailgate. The last morning game we woke up only an hour before, without a plan of what to do at all, and completely failed to make it a fun event. This time? Oh, we were so prepared! We woke up early, had our outfits already planned out (the hardest part!) and had pre-cooked a sweet potato for our breakfast plans to make these easy, delicious, and healthy pancakes that use basically only 5 ingredients. Game day fuel, ya know. Priorities, right?! ;)