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Today I wanted to share a fun little post to update you all on my life at college and what I have been up to, listening to, wearing, reading, doing, etc! I wanted to touch on some aspects of my life that are often neglected on the blog, so I had a ton of fun pulling together these little life updates to share:

Wearing lately // Okay, my shopping lately has been out of hand. It started with my birthday money bringing on an urge to spend, and I have been ordering a lot of things to my door in the past few weeks. In my defense, everything has been a total score and I am truly in love with all of my new pieces. Particularly this sweater (it's $35 and so cozy and amazing- you all need it), these sneaks, this bodysuit, these jeans and these jeans. I also need to admit something: I bought camo pants last week. You guys, what?! In my defense, I was really expecting to hate them. A little part of me even wishes I did, but as soon as they were on I never wanted to take them off. SOMEONE please tell me I'm not crazy!!!

Reading lately // In all seriousness: a lot of Vogue. Does that count? If you need reading material: check out some of my recent blog posts ;) #shamelessplug

Listening to lately // Remember when I saw Kings of Leon this summer? For some random reason I have had this particular song on repeat all week. Oh, and a lot of Sublime is going down over here. Maybe I just miss my brother! Ha

Eating lately // I should admit that we go grocery shopping a lot around here. Recently we have started trekking out to the Trader Joe's about a mile and a half away because it doubles as exercise and an excuse to hold off on running to the grocery store all the time. Naturally, I am a fein for the pumpkin goodies, and I am already on bag #2 of their pumpkin tortilla chips to prove it. I was skeptical, but they are the greatest tortilla chips ever!! Not sure if it's really a pumpkin flavor vibe that I get, but something about them is just outstanding (10/10 would recommend) Last night's dinner: spaghetti squash with marinara and parmesan... amazing. Only wish I'd had some meatballs to make it the complete Italian dish!

Writing lately // I joined a handful of student organizations at UW Madison and one that I am especially excited about is Moda Magazine. I was chosen to be a writer for the fashion section and my first article was published on the website last night. I would absolutely love it if you guys checked it out. You can read the article here; let me know what you think!

Happening lately // Caroline is visiting me tomorrow!!!! I am so excited to see her. Tomorrow is a jam-packed day for me: a 7 AM photoshoot for Moda Magazine, an 8:30 AM weekly club meeting for Delight (the highlight of my week), a 10:30 AM haircut (FINALLY), class until 1 PM, including a test in french #ugh, and then hanging out with Carin for the subsequent 24 hours. Can't wait!

What's new with you?


  1. Oh my gosh, pumpkin tortilla chips sound amazing! You're so lucky to have a TJ's close by- the one closest to my college is 45 minutes away!


  2. Awe that's so awesome that you got chosen to write for the fashion section of one of your school's organizations! I used to write for my school's newspaper and I miss it!


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