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This Week's Top 10

1. For once I'm actually not that excited about making it to the end of the week... this weekend is forecasting a lot of time in library for me! I can't say I'm feeling good yet about the two midterms I'll be taking on Tuesday, so let's hope I get some serious studying done to prepare!

2. Last weekend was, like, the greatest weekend of my life. My best friend Lauren was visiting all weekend, my roommate's best friend (and another great friend of mine) was also visiting, and my mom came up on Saturday to throw all of us and all of our school friends a huge tailgate/party in the apartment. We had the best time all weekend, but I'm glad I'm taking it easy this weekend to recover :) Next weekend though... it should be another good one!! Jack is visiting for Halloween weekend and I think we might venture down to Chicago one night to do Fright Fest at Six Flags!

3. Speaking of getting in the Halloween spirit, did you see these 7 creative costume ideas I came up with? They are perfect for any girl who wants to look extra stylish in her ensemble!

5. I just repurchased my favorite candle for fall-- it smells amazing!! I actually ordered it on Amazon Prime (as I do most things) and it arrived with the top all shattered, but their replacement policy is the best and a new one should be here by Monday!

6. I borrowed this mascara from my friend Lauren last weekend when she visited. I know you're not really supposed to share eye makeup, but I think we'd all be lying if we said we've never done it! Lauren has basically been famous for her eyelashes since high school, and after using this mascara I now know how she gets them to look so amazing every time!

7. I loved this article about how to hang art by Studio McGee! They are one of my favorite Interior Design accounts to follow, and I totally trust their design expertise.

9. Sydney revealed her bedroom on her blog this week and it truly looks like a hotel!

10. Good luck to everyone else struggling through midterms!! If I can do it, so can you :)

Any fun weekend plans for anyone?

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