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Steal Her Style

When fall rolls around every season all I want to do is layer up in sweaters and look cozy and chic as much as the next girl. However, that's a little tricky when we are bouncing between 70 degree temps in the afternoon and 40s when heading out the door in the morning. Like, what's a girl really to do besides throw in the towel and opt for a less stressful outfit when the weather's all over the place? Cue the look above: let's start there. I want to steal her style!

bandana // bucket bag // cigarette pants (like fancy leggings and under $40!)

Skinny pants, mules , a cool t-shirt, and bringing along a sweater or light jacket for the mornings can be just as functional and comfortable as leggings and a t-shirt... I know you're thinking "no way are my jeans as comfy as leggings," but those cigarette pants look so, so comfy and are a great alternative!! And trust me, once you find a good pair of jeans that'll definitely change :) My favorite jeans are BDG jeans that you can get at Urban Outfitters. I have three pairs and they are all amazing fits. I especially love their high waisted jeans! I also am obsessed with this pair of Levi's I just purchased a few weeks ago.

On another note, I really think I'm ready to invest in a pair of mules! The trend is definitely here to stay and there are so many variations of cute pairs that I can't stop adding them to my shopping carts online. Do you have a pair? If so, where did you find them?! I can't decide if I can pull them off, or which ones to choose! I really do love the velvet pair above, though... they come in navy, black, blush, and other non-velvet colors all under $100.

What inspires you to get dressed for class? And, out of curiosity, where are your favorite jeans from?

Random-- but does this outfit feel like Damsel in Dior to anyone else?


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