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This Week's Top 10

1. I can't believe we actually made it to Friday afternoon. This week has felt like one of the longest, with a new stressor seeming to pop up every day. Having two midterms on Tuesday meant my entire weekend was basically spent in the library (with the exception of going out to tailgate for game day on Saturday for literally only two hours) and then a paper on Wednesday and another exam just a two hours ago really had me exhausted. Not to mention there were plenty of non-academic complications that just had to occur this week, but suffice it to say that I am quite excited to head home for the weekend this afternoon. 

2. This is the first time I'm heading home since being at school this year, and I am really impressed with my ability to hold out until now. Last year, despite my school being two plane rides away (and this year being just over an hour drive), I was desperate to go home all of the time and went home for the first time mid-October. I guess it's different this year not only because I like my school more, but because a lot of my favorite people have visited me already. Nonetheless, I think this is a true expression of how much more I am loving life at college this year. (Shameless plug to watch my transfer experience vlog ;)

3. This is the first week that it's been seriously cold out (in the 30's today), so my Barbour jacket has been my best friend for the last few days.

4. These navy velvet mules are amazing and on sale for under $30 this weekend! I couldn't resist ordering them.

5. Random things I wish would appear in my wardrobe: this gorgeous crossbody bag (extra 15% off this weekend with code LTDAYS-- makes a big difference!), these sweeeeet Nike's, this pair of sunglasses, and this cool blazer.

6. Over the knee boots for $40? Sign me up!! ( + 20% off with code BOOTS20) 

9. I wish I could see this Louis Vuitton exhibit.

10. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Any fun weekend plans? I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow to see my brother and go to a haunted house, and then "celebrating" Halloween on Sunday with the trick or treaters in my neighborhood!!


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  1. I love the Nike sneakers! Lifestyle sneakers are one of my favorite trends!


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