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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday! I'm heading down to Chicago tomorrow to help my brother move out of his apartment. He's coming home for the month of July before studying abroad in Chile next semester and I'm so excited to live with him again! We've gotten closer in college and having him at home is so much fun. I'm sure he'll start to drive me crazy soon, but for now I'm looking forward to it :)

Small Space Decor (Future Room Sneak Peek)

Last summer I wrote Small Space Decor part I and part II, so this summer's edition could be considered part III of one of my favorite blog posts! Since I am moving into a new apartment this coming fall, which is the same situation I was in last summer, and the previous year (but with a dorm), I'm gathering inspiration for my new room and loving the vision I've come up with so far. I recently painted my desk in my room at home to bring to school, and that has sort of been the focal point from which the rest of my vision for my future room has stemmed.

Festival Outfit Ideas + Past Photos

Today is the first day of Summerfest! If you're not from the midwest, you probably haven't heard of Summerfest, but it's one of the biggest music festivals in the country. When it comes to dressing for music festivals, I personally have noticed that there's a fine line between looking cute and trendy and looking a little too ~risqué~ if you know what I mean. I personally don't feel comfortable in booty shorts or crop tops, but I love a good pair of high waisted shorts and a going-out top like any girl. Tonight, or maybe just later this week (I do have to work tomorrow ;), I am planning to go to Summerfest with some friends, so I thought it would be fun to share what I think are some cute outfits for a music festival!

Weekend Recap: Dinners Out, Pool Day + Chicago

This summer has been pretty fun so far, even though half the time it feels like I haven't done anything except go to my internship and hang out at home. This weekend I didn't have any plans and then spontaneously did a lot of different things that turned out to be so much fun! My weekends start on Thursdays at 3, so I love squeezing in a lot of things throughout my long weekend. Between dinner with friends on Thursday and Friday, and brunch on Sunday I am definitely ready to get back on track this week. 

Favorite Fourth of July Memory + Patriotic Pieces

This summer has flown by so far. Just next week we will be celebrating the Fourth of July and it feels like summer started only a few weeks ago instead of two months ago! When it comes to the Fourth of July and dressing for the day, I really love nothing more than red, white, and blue color combinations and star details everywhere. Keep reading for one of my funniest Fourth of July memories...

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Fridayy! I'm so excited for this weekend because I'll hopefully be finishing up redoing my room (cannot wait to share my new favorite piece!), and then on Sunday I'm having a pool day with my roommates for next year. We haven't all hung out yet together since school almost two months ago because of different work schedules, so I'm really looking forward to spending the day together.

2. I placed my first order on Princess Polly this week and I am really looking forward to trying everything on. I think I'll do an unboxing or try on videos on Insta Stories, so stay tuned! I have heard so many great things from YouTubers, so I really hope I love what I ordered!! I have generally bad luck with online shopping and always place orders of five or more pieces because I usually have to return a lot of things.

3. This week on the blog:
--An outfit post from the Milwaukee domes/conservatory/botanical gardens (who knows what the real term is honestly)
--Six ways to wear a bandana from the same outfit
--A running update + what I eat (a highly requested post!)

Fitness Update + What I Eat

I have gotten a handful of requests lately to share an updated fitness/health routine, and I felt like now is the perfect time as most of us are trying to be a little healthier during the summer. While my fitness routine isn't really the best at the moment, I've been trying to eat healthier and do my best, so here's an update on what I've been doing...

6 Ways to Wear a Bandana

I've been in love with the bandana trend for months now but could never find one that I felt really went with my style so that I could actually pull it off. Last week I picked up this one at Madewell as I shared in yesterday's outfit post. I love the two shades of blue and I knew it would be perfectly incorporated with my summer color palette of whites, blues, and denim. I had so much fun going to the Milwaukee Domes after work one day with my new photographer/intern bestie, Koryn, but since I packed only one outfit, we decided to switch up my bandana placement to give some of the photos a different vibe. I love the ways we tried and wanted to share them all with you!

Denim on Denim at the Domes

Junior year of high school I poorly attempted denim on denim for a field trip to the Art Institute in Chicago with my French class. I thought it was cute and then got completely roasted for it by my friends! I have since been scared to reattempt the look, but I'm over it now. I thought I would try it again by mixing different shades of denim as a way to ease myself back into the idea. Mixing white denim and chambray? Works so well. Combining different washes works much better than the similar-washed cropped denim jacket and boyfriend jeans combo I tried four years ago. Lol, why did I think that was going to work?!

Chill Out Playlist

On Friday I woke up in a funk that I couldn't get out of. Since my junior year of high school, I've had a few experiences where I thought I was having a panic attack or about to lose my shit at any moment, but it's such a rare occurrence that I don't think anything of it until it's happening again. On Friday, I wasn't panicking really, but I was so nauseated and stressed-out and kind of just felt like I was going crazy for no reason. 

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday! This weekend for Father's Day my grandparents are in town and I'm excited to repaint my desk with my grandpa, spend time hanging out with my grandma, and just enjoy their presence. I love my grandparents and feel so lucky not only to have time to spend with them, but to have such a great relationship with them.

2. This week on the blog I shared...
--where you can shop my outfits from Insta Stories (lots of internship outfit ideas!)

I love that I've had more posts up lately and hope you're enjoying the content! As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas of posts you want to see, I'm all ears!

Summer Reading Update: Recent Reads + My List

I've finished a few more books since I last shared my summer reading list a month ago. I wanted to give a little update on what I loved and didn't love, as well as what's next on my list! I previously had finished Faithful by Alice HoffmanFortune's Daughter by Alice Hoffman, and The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand that I shared about in my last post and have since finished Castaways by Elin HilderbrandThe Island by Elin Hilderbrand, and Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. Right now I am starting The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand (sensing a theme?!) Here are my thoughts...

White Dresses for Summer

Who doesn't love a white dress for summer? I rarely find myself choosing a piece in any color if it also comes in white... does anyone else do the same thing? Like I mentioned yesterday in my outfit post, I am neutral lover; white and light blue are definitely my favorite colors to wear. I feel like the summer offers the only few months when it's truly appropriate to wear an all white outfit or a white dress. I wear my favorite white t-shirts throughout the year and keep my white jeans in rotation late into fall or pull them out early in the spring, but white dresses... now's the time to get the most out of them!

Black and White with Denim

One of my favorite parts about summer is the opportunity to wear white all. the. time. I am a neutral clothing connoisseur and would prefer to wear all-white ensembles or denim with black, white, and light blue or blush pieces everyday if the seasons never changed.

Outfit Roundup from Insta Stories (Vol. I)

Today I'm compiling a lot of my recent outfits from Insta stories and linking where to shop similar pieces. Having a relatively "manageable" following on Instagram (not sure of a better word for it), I don't get an overflow of DM's everyday, but I always get at least a few questions about where pieces are from that I share in my stories. I try to post my outfits daily, especially when I'm going to my internship, because I think that serves as particularly useful inspiration for what to wear in a situation that is new to a lot of girls my age!

This Week's Top 10

via my Instagram

1. I am heading to Minnesota for the first time this weekend! I'm going out to surprise my friend for her birthday and I'm so excited to both visit a new place and surprise her (a high school friend!) with a few of my other best friends from high school.

2. I shot photos on Wednesday night with my co-intern Koryn, who has her own photography company. I love how the photos turned out and definitely recommend her if you need a photographer in the Milwaukee area.

3. This week on the blog I shared my summer bucket list and Father's Day gift guide!

Father's Day Gift Guide

2018 father's day gift guide

My dad is one of my favorite people to shop for because I know exactly what he likes, and he loves getting gifts (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;). Although I'm not heading to Dallas to spend Father's Day with him this year, I know I should pick something out to send him! The holiday is next weekend so if you're in need of a few ideas, look no further!

Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list 2018

This summer feels like the first one ever where I have few plans in terms of vacations and things that I'm doing in general. In addition to my internship, most of my "plans" consist of coming home to read my book or go on a run. I'm not kidding, my life right now isn't boring, but nothing too thrilling is going on. I am going to West Palm Beach for my birthday at the end of August, but other than that I have no plans! I am considering flying out to New York later this month or next because I usually go every summer, but nothing is set in stone.

This Week's Top 10

1. It's NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!!!! My favorite holiday! What's your favorite kind of donut? Oddly enough, I love a good blueberry glazed cake option, or any creative fancy flavors. 

2. I shared my guide for what to wear to summer internship on the blog yesterday. This post was highly requested, so I hope you found it useful!

3. I started Commonwealth by Ann Patchett yesterday. You can keep up with what I'm reading by following my Goodreads here.