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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Fridayy! I'm so excited for this weekend because I'll hopefully be finishing up redoing my room (cannot wait to share my new favorite piece!), and then on Sunday I'm having a pool day with my roommates for next year. We haven't all hung out yet together since school almost two months ago because of different work schedules, so I'm really looking forward to spending the day together.

2. I placed my first order on Princess Polly this week and I am really looking forward to trying everything on. I think I'll do an unboxing or try on videos on Insta Stories, so stay tuned! I have heard so many great things from YouTubers, so I really hope I love what I ordered!! I have generally bad luck with online shopping and always place orders of five or more pieces because I usually have to return a lot of things.

3. This week on the blog:
--An outfit post from the Milwaukee domes/conservatory/botanical gardens (who knows what the real term is honestly)
--Six ways to wear a bandana from the same outfit
--A running update + what I eat (a highly requested post!)

4. Like, why am I so obsessed with this sweatshirt?!?! It's so funny but also extremely cute at the same time.

5. I hadn't been on Mango's site in a hot minute and now I feel like I need everything. These shorts, these pants (so fun, wow), this little gingham bag, this sweatshirt (so french!), and these perfect jeans to name a few.

6. I got a sample of this perfume a few months ago and just ran out of it. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I noticed it's already gone! It smells divine, and I think I might get the full size to replace this perfume that has been my everyday scent since freshman year of high school.

7. Jillian's Fourth of July table has me wanting to throw (or just attend ;) a garden party ASAP.

9. Emma's photos from Europe are gorgeous. She has an amazing eye for an Insta shot!

10. I need a peony farm in my life. Anyone want to plan a trip to Washington?! Haven't been there in a while, haha.


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