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Small Space Decor (Future Room Sneak Peek)

Last summer I wrote Small Space Decor part I and part II, so this summer's edition could be considered part III of one of my favorite blog posts! Since I am moving into a new apartment this coming fall, which is the same situation I was in last summer, and the previous year (but with a dorm), I'm gathering inspiration for my new room and loving the vision I've come up with so far. I recently painted my desk in my room at home to bring to school, and that has sort of been the focal point from which the rest of my vision for my future room has stemmed.

gold frame // ginger jar // candle // quatrefoil mirror
desk // sheepskin rug (identical option for half the price here) // brass hook
full length mirror // monogrammed pillows // coasters // storage bins // nightstand

Here's what I'm thinking:
I have a desk very similar to this one from Pottery Barn kids that I got for my birthday when I was in fourth or fifth grade (mine has the shelf part but not the drawer). Needless to say, the white paint was starting to show too many signs of wear and desperately needed a face lift. I went with Behr's Ultra Hi-Gloss interior paint in Life Force and shared a few insta stories of me painting it over Father's Day weekend. I can do a separate blog post on this in detail because I did get a few questions about the process. It was pretty simple after receiving a combination of tips from my grandpa and the helpful guys at the hardware and paint stores :) I love these two blue desks if you're looking for something similar: one and two.

I have this rug (less expensive version here) that I plan to put under my desk chair. I think I will get this desk chair or one very similar, because I love the lucite/ghost chair look and the gold details on this particular chair match this mirror that I purchased and had in my apartment this past year.

I have a few of these gold frames from Target that I love and had in my apartment bedroom this past year as well. I am so happy to see they still carry them if I want to pick up more! For the sake of the graphic in this post, I showed the frame with this vintage Vogue cover, which is one of my favorites. I might just print it out and frame it inside to replicate this look!

I hated not having a proper nightstand last year, so I will most likely get something to put next to my bed in my room this year. I absolutely love this one featured above. This is also such a cute option for just $40!

I've blogged about these pillows before (in small space part I) and still love them so much. I might need to just pull the trigger and get one (or two!).

Other apartment essentials included here: a full-length mirror, coasters, baskets, and hooks. I had mirrored closet doors last year, but they were too close to my bed that I couldn't really stand in front of them and get a good look. This year I am thinking I could put one behind my door (like my roommate did in her room this year) or in the corner next to where I want to put my desk.

I love these coasters because they double as decor and a practicality. I always use coasters at home because my nightstand is wood and my mom is crazy about any watermarks (rightfully so), so I think it would be smart to get a cute set of coasters for my room now that I'm bringing in a wooden desk and have like four drinks by my side at all times.

PBTeen sent me a ton of their storage baskets this spring when I worked on this post with them. Having so many baskets really helped my organization game, especially while living in such a small space like I was at my apartment. I love this set, and I can't express enough how much easier life is when pajamas, workout clothes, sweatshirts, accessories, etc. are all in their own organized basket.

As for the hooks, I hung cute gold pineapple hooks that my mom found at Home Goods in my room this year to hang coats, scarves, purses, etc. I didn't hang them originally, but once I did I wondered how I'd gone so long without them!

Are you undertaking any decorating projects right now? I'm redoing my room at home a little bit too (more on that later!) and I absolutely love taking on projects like these.


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