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White Dresses for Summer

Who doesn't love a white dress for summer? I rarely find myself choosing a piece in any color if it also comes in white... does anyone else do the same thing? Like I mentioned yesterday in my outfit post, I am neutral lover; white and light blue are definitely my favorite colors to wear. I feel like the summer offers the only few months when it's truly appropriate to wear an all white outfit or a white dress. I wear my favorite white t-shirts throughout the year and keep my white jeans in rotation late into fall or pull them out early in the spring, but white dresses... now's the time to get the most out of them!


First row:  embroidered // ruffle // apron // ruched
Second row:  tiered midi // floral chiffon // smock (love an everyday white open, this is just $24!) // drop-hem  (love the eyelet-- under $50!)

Which one is your favorite? I love this one and this one the most I think!

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