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6 Ways to Wear a Bandana

I've been in love with the bandana trend for months now but could never find one that I felt really went with my style so that I could actually pull it off. Last week I picked up this one at Madewell as I shared in yesterday's outfit post. I love the two shades of blue and I knew it would be perfectly incorporated with my summer color palette of whites, blues, and denim. I had so much fun going to the Milwaukee Domes after work one day with my new photographer/intern bestie, Koryn, but since I packed only one outfit, we decided to switch up my bandana placement to give some of the photos a different vibe. I love the ways we tried and wanted to share them all with you!

Neck Scarf
Somehow wearing a little neck scarf seems less intimidating than it feels when you're actually doing it. This was the way I initially planned to wear the bandana before the shoot, and I love how it looks a little European while also dressing up the outfit just a bit.

By far, wearing the bandana as a ponytail was my favorite look from the shoot. This is a style I really want to wear more often because it adds such a fun surprise to a simple hairstyle and I think it's seriously just so cute.

I love this look! I think this style did a great job of hiding the wild hair in the front of my face while giving it a little extra volume in the back because the headband lies underneath. Something about this look made me feel very southern (I blame the extra volume), but I really think it turned out so cute.

Half-back Ponytail
My hair gets wild and curly when I don't blow dry it or otherwise style it, so one of my go to hairstyles for clean but crazy hair is a half-back ponytail. However, sometimes just putting in a little ponytail doesn't do enough to distract from the crazy hair underneath, so I think this trick would be perfect for those days when I need to make my hair look cute without putting in the effort to straighten or curl it.

On a Bag
Adding a scarf or bandana to your bag is a simple trick to style your bag according to your outfit, and in my case, I love how it makes my basic leather tote look a lot more fun. I use this tote almost everyday and I think adding the bandana just makes it look more "purposefully chosen" than it actually was!

Wrap Bracelet
I think this look of wearing the bandana on your wrist is so fun for summer. It just adds a festival vibe that I think is really different from the rest of the looks! We just wrapped it around and then tucked under the ends to keep it smooth without tying a knot.

What's your favorite way to style a bandana? Shop more bandanas I love below:



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