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Denim on Denim at the Domes

Junior year of high school I poorly attempted denim on denim for a field trip to the Art Institute in Chicago with my French class. I thought it was cute and then got completely roasted for it by my friends! I have since been scared to reattempt the look, but I'm over it now. I thought I would try it again by mixing different shades of denim as a way to ease myself back into the idea. Mixing white denim and chambray? Works so well. Combining different washes works much better than the similar-washed cropped denim jacket and boyfriend jeans combo I tried four years ago. Lol, why did I think that was going to work?!

I picked up this cropped white denim jacket on a whim last week. I decided to go shopping after work because I hadn't been to the mall in forever, and truth be told, I am always looking for ways to occupy myself between 3 and 5pm when I finish up at my internship, but it's too early to go home and start my evening. This jacket was under $50 at Saks off 5th, and I just went for it.

These ruffle chambray shorts are my mom's from J. Crew last summer, but this and this are similar pairs. I had purchased this little bandana from Madewell the same day as the jacket and chose the shorts because they're a simple piece that pairs well with the bandana/jacket combination. I love how the ruffles offer a nice contrast to the otherwise edgier jacket (in my opinion), and the chambray constitutes as denim without doing too much. Check back tomorrow to see six different ways I styled this bandana!

Under the jacket I just wore a simple white t-shirt and finished off the look with my no-fail leather sandals. I purchased these also from Saks off Fifth last summer, but this pair is very similar. They're such a great style with the little heel and ankle strap that often they are my go-to pair of sandals when I can't make a decision.

This is an outfit I feel like really represents my style right now because it's made up of a blue-based neutral palette and looks relatively classic while being a little more fun and even a bit trendy with the jacket's rough hem.

I am working on purchasing pieces I truly love and feel like I will wear over and over in lots of different ways. Right now I am trying to come up with different ideas as to how to style this new piece and think it would be so cute over an everyday dress like this one and a pair of sneakers. On an unrelated note, Koryn and I shot these photos at the Milwaukee Domes, which is a conservatory just south of downtown. I absolutely love how they turned out, and once again I am amazed by her photography!

My outfit: bandana // jacket // t-shirt // shorts // sandals // leather tote

Have you purchased anything new lately that you're excited about? It's always an exciting feeling to add something to your wardrobe and get excited about it!

Check out tomorrow's post for six different ways to style a bandana!

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