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Favorite Fourth of July Memory + Patriotic Pieces

This summer has flown by so far. Just next week we will be celebrating the Fourth of July and it feels like summer started only a few weeks ago instead of two months ago! When it comes to the Fourth of July and dressing for the day, I really love nothing more than red, white, and blue color combinations and star details everywhere. Keep reading for one of my funniest Fourth of July memories...

Two summers ago my friends and I set off a massive firework display unintentionally in a park near my house. My mom had let me pick out a pack of fireworks at a place off the side of the highway in middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin to set off with my friends. I invited over a couple of girls and we went to a park to do them. I had bought the "finale" package stupidly thinking it would be a finale package for like at-home firework shows, including sparklers and maybe one big firework. Oh, no, that was not the case. My friends and I literally set off a full-blown firework finale in the middle of a park, and we ran away screaming with flashlights into my car. We couldn't get out of there fast enough! How we didn't get caught is just incredible, and to this day it's one of the funniest memories and most quintessentially "me" things... like, leave it to me to think a finale package of fireworks wouldn't be a big deal, and then set off a legitimate firework show in the middle of civilization.


Shop the pieces above:
striped top (I have this and love it) // denim skirt // star embroidered top

What is your favorite Fourth of July memory?

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