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10 White Dresses Under $100

Now that Easter has come and gone, there really aren't any holidays until Memorial Day, aka the official day when wearing white becomes socially acceptable. I'm not necessarily a firm believer that you must forbid yourself from donning any white-colored clothing before May 30, but I do get excited thinking about all of the cute white dresses out for the seasons ahead.

When the weather finally warms up and wardrobes switch over to the spring and summer selection, I think there is no better night out option, casual day dress or really anything more perfect for all kinds of events than a little white dress. For a lot of graduations too, I know girls are required to wear white dresses, so this round up of options (all under $100!) might be helpful if that's the case for you.

Not pictured: I also love this open back ruffle option, and this classic a-line mini.

I think the high neck, slit front option above is an incredible deal... it looks so expensive but it's under $50. The same goes for the mesh top, off shoulder dress; I love that unique style! Definitely a great option for a graduation or any other formal event! And that short sleeve dress... paired with sneakers, sandals, wedges, oh my! You could style that frock with anything for an everyday look or dress it up for a dinner out.

What are your thoughts on the little white dress?

Double Earring Looks

Over Christmas break I impulsively had one of my friends double pierce one of my ears. It was one of those things where all of my friends were just hanging out and I figured I'd been wanting it for a little while, so I went for it! I knew if I didn't like it, it wasn't a big deal and I could just let it close up, but I actually love having a double piercing. More fun ways that I can accessorize, right? However, I have to admit I really haven't tried anything that special besides this double pearl look you might have noticed in this Instagram post. I usually just keep a little diamond stud in it because to be honest, that's the only tiny earring I have, but now I'm inspired to mix it up and try out some fun double earring looks!

*Photos via

Of course I don't have that many pieces, but I still love all of the delicate gold earring combinations. Shop some of my earring picks below:

Do you have any other piercings? How do you "style" them?

Airplane Playlist

I'm so excited to fly out to New Orleans for spring break this morning. One of my favorite things about traveling is flying. Honestly, I love flying. I know airports, airport security, and planes in general really stress out some people, but I love the whole experience. Airports mean travel, travel means vacation, and new places and exploring the world is just one of my favorite things to do! (My phone automatically connects to the Chicago O'Hare wi-fi, and you already know when your phone connects to the wi-fi somewhere it's basically a second home...)

Another bonus about flying? I love how being on an airplane makes me feel so inspired. Something about being in the sky with virtually nothing to do or distract you from your thoughts is so peaceful, and really gives you so much time to just think about things and get inspired! I created this playlist because I love listening to chill music on planes, but also kind of upbeat songs that get me excited for wherever I'm headed!

What are you listening to as of late? Have a great Monday!

This Week's Top 10

1. It's spring break! I'm excited for  Easter here on Sunday (mass at my favorite church in MKE followed by a new brunch spot) and then I fly to NOLA Monday morning.

2. Speaking of travel, Sammy and Caroline (my blogging BFF's) had such a fun day together in LA on Wednesday and (surprise!) Sammy is coming to MKE to visit us this summer!!!! 

3. Also on the note of travel: Jess's Harbor Island photo diary gives me so much wanderlust... And she's perfect.

3. What would spring break be without a swimsuit to mix and match for only $40? (comes in 4 colors!)

4. I kind of think I need this sandals for the warmer weather, too.

5. This before and after bathroom is probably the coolest chic bathroom I've ever seen.

6. I downloaded this desktop background and I'm loving it.

7. I'm so excited about my new Ray-Bans! It was time for a good pair of prescription sunglasses.

8. The skirt everyone needs in both navy and white.

9. Lilly Pulitzer's grandson.... hahaha is this real?

10. Have a beautiful and blessed Easter and safe travels to anyone visiting family or going out of town this weekend.


Wake Up With a Purpose

Today is my first official day of spring break! I feel like I've had a lot of long weekends lately, and especially with the crazy nice amount of free time that second semester senior year has brought me, I've had a ton of time in general just to do nothing for the first time in forever. However, with this also comes those feelings of guilt and laziness afterwards that leave me feeling like I could've accomplished so much more if I'd set more goals and planned my days more purposefully.

Waking up with a purpose doesn't mean waking up with your whole day planned out or your whole schedule filled up with important and significant events. Waking up with a purpose simply means knowing who you are, what you want to accomplish, and aiming to accomplish that by making the most of your day! After all, we all have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce ;) 

Maybe it just means cleaning your room, organizing your closet, fitting in a good work out and eating healthy, finally mailing back all of those online orders you've been meaning to return for a few weeks (tell me that's not just me...), or responding to all the emails you've been putting off. For me, all of the above definitely can be added to my to-do list!

Live purposefully today!

Recipe: Coffee Breakfast Shake

Remember this post? Having iced coffee in the morning, especially now that it's officially spring, puts me in such a good mood. A simple iced coffee just makes me appreciate that I can finally sip a cold drink and walk outside in a light jacket without freezing!

Last week I decided to take it a step further and make my iced coffee into a little shake type of drink. It turned out so good... like a frothy morning milkshake that's healthy but totally seems too good to be true.

1 frozen banana (I sliced mine and tossed it in the freezer overnight)
1 cup of coffee (this will work better if it's already cold, but I made my shake when it was still hot and it turned out fine)
Almond Milk to taste
1 teaspoon of vanilla
A few handfuls of Ice
*You could add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to make it chocolatey!

Throw everything in the blender and blend until it gets frothy and the ice cubes are crushed.

Ahh, it's so good and easy! It's a fun, yummy, and healthy way to mix up your everyday iced coffee and it actually filled me up enough for breakfast too. (The batch made enough for two servings as well!)

Do you have any creative iced coffee recipes? I'd love to try more things like this!

Tuckernuck Spring Collection

I skipped school again today (In my defense, it's just "Career Day" and I'm not missing any classes!) and I found myself perusing the Tuckernuck new arrivals this morning while I was, ya know, enjoying my day off.

The spring collection is so fun. I love Tuckernuck in general because I think they do a great job of picking classic pieces that, while they are preppy, can still be styled to suit really any classic style! The spring collection is so colorful and vibrant; all of the pieces have me craving spring and summer soirees and beach days!

What do you think of the spring new arrivals?

PS- Speaking of spring, did you see today's bright scarf outfit (it's a collab, too!)

Help: Laptop Case

As I start to plan for college and pack for spring break, I realize just how often I'm toting my laptop around places without a good protective case on it! My laptop is actually a little scratched on the outside, which I am a little bit bitter about, but I really feel like finding the perfect case for a laptop isn't the easiest task. Do you have any suggestions? I love the ones below, but these are the only cute options I could really find!

Biker // Watercolor // Stripe // Colorblock // Neon (on sale!)

This is an easy monogrammed option from Etsy for under $20, too. Do you have any ideas of other sites to look at? I love the navy and black case, but it seems a little expensive for what it is!

This Week's Top 10

*Photo via // I loved this entire blog post!

2. I purchased this scarf earlier in the week and I can not get over the tassels and print!

3. I love Lauren Elizabeth's office tour; gallery wall perfection.

4. As if we needed more reasons to love Whole Foods, here are 8 things you might not have known.

5. My brother's obsession with Kendrick Lamar has definitely made me a fan. I love this interview he did.

I am so excited for a fun brunch this Sunday and an otherwise low-key weekend with friends.
Do you have any fun plans?

St. Patrick's Day Sales

Happy St. Patrick's Day! To me this really just feels like such a random holiday, but any excuse to celebrate is always fun. I've rounded up a few of my favorite green pieces in honor of St. Patty's day, and I have to say that I am loving some of these picks for spring and summer. There are also a few good sales going on right now that you should definitely take advantage of while you can! (Have you seen Lilly's new arrivals for spring?! I am loving the styles and patterns.)

Asos: 20% off your entire order with code CLOVER4

J. Crew: 30% off spring styles with code SPRINGSALE

Bloomingdales$25 off $125-$200, $50 off $200-$500, $150 off $500-$1,000

GAP: 40% off your entire order with code GOGREEN

Old Navy: 17% off your entire order, no code needed

Mark and Graham: Free shipping with code LUCKY

Happy shopping! Are you doing anything fun today?

Splurge vs. Save: Sandals

I've always been a bit of a shoe person, and I love all of the fabulous sandal styles that come out around spring and summer. From casual wedges for dinners with friends, to party shoes for fancier occasions, to everyday summer sandals, I just want all of the sandals! Stocking up is made easier when you find shoes you love for a fabulous deal, though, am I right?

Splurge: Chunky Platforms ($118) // Suede Heels ($90) // Flat Leather Sandals ($158)
Ankle Tassels ($250) // Tassel Heel ($80)

Save: Chunky Platforms ($35) // Suede Heels ($30) // Flat Leather Sandals ($28)
Ankle Tassels ($31) // Tassel Heel ($34)

I am loving that first pair of chunky heels... the studs are a little out of my comfort zone but I think they are so fun! I could totally see them with an off-shoulder dress or a cute denim skirt... 

Have a great day! We are halfway through the week! The only thing getting me through is that there is just one week left until I'm officially off school for spring break... thank goodness!

Spring Break Destination Reveal (Suggestions Needed!)

*Photos via

My mom and I officially booked our tickets for spring break yesterday and I am so excited! I love that my mom has a similar taste for travel as I do, so she understands my love for venturing to new places rather than going to the same destinations every year. This year for spring break we are going to New Orleans and I can't wait. I have never been, and I love that since my spring break is early and there's no guarantee that the weather anywhere will be super nice, there is plenty to do in NOLA without relying on the weather to satisfy a beach getaway. 

Because I've never been to New Orleans, and I have only heard wonderful things about the food (omg, the food) and the fun things to do, I am all ears for any suggestions! I definitely want to try the beignets at Cafe Du Monde, take a stroll through the Garden District and the St. Roch Market...

The St. Louis Cathedral and Napoleon House also look like they can't be missed, as well as the French Quarter (Bourbon street, Canal Street, Decatur Street...), but let me know of anywhere else I must go, please! 

Have you ever been to New Orleans?

Life Lately // Weekend Recap

My weekend in St. Louis was so much fun. I loved getting to see my cousins, celebrate my Grandma's birthday, and just do something a little different for a few days! Our drive back yesterday felt a lot longer than the way out because we left St. Louis early in the afternoon and ended up driving in the dark. We got back at 9:30ish, which wouldn't have been bad except for I did no homework at all in the car, so I felt obliged to do a little once we were home... except then I didn't do it. After a little contemplating, online shopping, and just thinking about doing homework, I found myself writing this post in hopes that none of my teachers check homework in today. I mean even if they do, I'm a second semester senior. Oh well. That excuse right there is what I use for everything now a days, and I'm not complaining.

A few things...

I officially have my roommate for next year! I joined the Lehigh class page on Facebook a few months ago, and then a few weeks ago someone created a Group Me (it's like a big group chat app) and from there I was added into an all-girls group chat. The other day a bunch of us sent a little message saying what we were like, etc. and then I started messaging a few girls, and now I have a roommate! I am so excited, and I'm really glad everything worked out! I was getting a little nervous to find one but I think she's so cute and I am looking forward to planning our dorm and decorating. More posts on that to come :)

On the other hand, a not so exciting thing... I have been horrible with my Lenten Promises. I was good for the first two-ish weeks, and now it's like Lent just isn't even crossing my mind. I legitimately feel really bad about this; I was so determined at the beginning and now I've totally let myself down! I am going to try really hard to get back on track this week. Any tips?

Have a great Monday!

350 Under $35

Happy Saturday from St. Louis! Our drive in yesterday was so nice, missing the traffic and driving during the day so it was sunny out the whole time (so much better than driving at night!). The ride from MKE to STL is about seven hours, but I was fully equipped with a good issue of Marie Claire, iced coffee, and a few other reading materials to keep me entertained. Of course, the day ended with a few too many chocolates and slices of the best St. Louis pizza once we arrived, and I'm sure tonight at my grandma's party the cake situation won't be much different, but nothing counts when you have a real reason for celebrating (right?!).

J. Crew Factory is having an incredible sale right now: over 350 products are under $35 (click the icons in the widgets to be taken to the product)! This is the perfect time to stock up on classic chino shorts in every color for under $20, add a few cute swimsuits to your spring break suitcase, and pick up some fun pieces to update your wardrobe for the season(s) ahead.

See the entire sale here. Happy shopping!

This Week's Top 10

1. Maybooks now has calligraphy books! I think I need one. (Speaking of calligraphy: I have fallen in love with this Etsy shop, particularly this set and this set of stationery)

2. The most beautiful nursery you've ever seen

3. J. Crew's new arrivals are killing the game.

5. How fun are these printed beach pants? Imagine the comfort too...

6. These are the 30 happiest cities in America; a Wisconsin city is #3!

10. I'm missing school today and driving down to St. Louis for the weekend! Our entire family is celebrating my Grandma's 75th birthday tomorrow night with a big surprise party and I am so excited to see everyone and enjoy the warm weather and family time. 

What are you up to this weekend?

J. Crew New Arrivals

If you haven't already, you must check out J. Crew's new spring arrivals. Holy swoon.

What do you think of the spring collection? I'm in love.

My Perfect Day + Omelette Recipe

Yesterday was an amazing day. A Monday? Yeah, I know. It was kind of strange how wonderful yesterday was, and it all started with iced coffee...
I started drinking iced coffee two summers ago in Rhode Island when I brought my two best friends and we discovered the magic of Dunkin Donut's. Since then, I've really only drank iced coffee when I'm in Rhode Island, at Dunkin Donuts, with my friends. Yesterday I woke up after going to bed a little later than I'd hoped and decided to ask my mom to make me coffee for a little energy boost. I frequent green tea but I never drink coffee in the morning. So, when I filled a Tervis with coffee, ice, and my favorite almond milk, I was immediately brought back to two summers ago in Rhode Island.

Not only did those Rhode Island iced coffee memories remind me of summer, the beach, and long walks on the cliff walk, but I was also caught missing my dad and one of my best friends who came to Rhode Island with me that summer! I haven't seen my dad since Father Daughter (because he lives in Rhode Island), so on my drive into school yesterday I called him. It was such a nice way to start my day and left me in the best mood. My dad and I are so close and I don't call him enough!

And then, I pulled into school, and of course, my best friend pulled in right next to me! Seriously, it was like God telling me that it was going to be a great day. The funniest thing is that she is my dad's absolute favorite person of all of my friends, and she loves my dad's whole side of the family. We haven't been as close recently, but ended up talking together through the walk into school and spent lunch together yesterday, too. Reconnecting was just what I needed and has left me feeling seriously so blessed for the friendships that can just be picked up right where they left off.

All the while, yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. The temperatures were in the 60's and it was one of those days when you wake up, hear the birds chirping, and can't help but be in a good mood because it's finally spring. I was sitting in my first hour class (albeit a little hyped on caffeine) and could not stop feeling excited and blessed. I was so in love with the gorgeous weather that I took my dog on a long walk when I got home and enjoyed the fresh air, too. I found myself in a constant mindset that life really is what you make of it, so making the most of it, being positive, and being constantly excited really is so rewarding and makes me so happy.
I made myself an incredible omelette for dinner, which you can see below. It was so, so easy and I was wanting something healthy, fresh, and protein-packed after my workout!

What you'll need...
 4 egg whites
1 small bunch of spinach
A little medley of grape tomatoes
a dash of cajun seasoning and chili powder
olive oil

1. Crack egg whites into a bowl, separating/removing yolks
2. Grind pepper on them, add a dash of cajun seasoning and a dash of chili powder for flavor
3. Add a splash of water and whisk the whites with a fork until bubbles form
4.  I sprayed my pan with a little PAM but also added a tiny bit of olive oil for more flavor. Turn the stove on medium-low and pour in whites
5. Chop spinach and tomatoes
5. The whites formed bubbles almost immediately because they cook so quickly, so I tossed in my spinach and tomatoes onto them probably 30 seconds after I had poured them in
6. Let the whites cook a little more, and then fold the whites over the veggies. I had never made an omelette before (scrambled eggs were my previous specialty), but I pulled out two spatulas and managed to wrap the whites around the veggies and flip the omelette until the eggs were fully cooked. I added a little more salt and pepper and let the omelette continue over medium-low heat to get a little crispier until I felt like it was done

And that's it! It was an incredibly easy and healthy breakfast for dinner! The omelette was actually quite big too so it really filled me up. I am for sure going to make this again... definitely for breakfast soon, and I might add some cheese next time as well! Just another part of what made my day so great, lol.

Here's to the rest of the week!

Velvet LBD

I know I recapped my Winter Formal in this post, but I couldn't resist showcasing this dress in a post of it's own! I absolutely loved this dress that I borrowed from my friend, and I definitely want to go out and pick it up for myself! Seriously, is there anything better than a backless velvet little black dress?! I love that I could dress it up with fun shoes and classic accessories but I could also wear it with converse and funky jewelry for a costume in college...

3 Kendall Jenner Looks to Copy Now

I am a huge Kendall Jenner fan. I mean, she's gorgeous and such a role model given all she's accomplished for being so young! I'm not a huge Kardashian fan in general, but I do totally admit that KUWTK is my guilty pleasure show on the weekends, and Kendall is for sure my favorite.

Like any model, Kendall's street style is so effortless that I want to steal her casual clothes right off her and wear them myself! How is it that she makes the comfiest outfits look so good?! Here are three easy Kendall Jenner looks you could copy right now:


This Week's Top 10

1. Did you download the March wallpaper I designed for the month?

3. This navy off-shoulder dress is a staple for spring!

4. Liz's insta feed has been so pretty lately

5. These funky, bright New Balance's are so 80's and I'm really into them.

6. Don't miss an extra 20% off sale at Tuckernuck right now!

7. This room was decorated specially for a teen girl and I am obsessed.

8. I shared a delicious healthy recipe on the blog this week!

10. Can't wait for Carin's birthday dinner tomorrow night and a bridal show on Sunday! Do you have any fun plans?


Classic Accessories Every Girl Needs

I used to never be huge on accessorizing, but once I established my everyday jewelry and began to grow my collection of baubles, scarves, bags, and other accessories, I realized how wonderful it really is to have a few pieces you love to add to any outfit. And there are just some accessories that every girl simply needs in her wardrobe...

An everyday watch

A versatile cross-body bag

What are some of your accessory essentials? I have no school tomorrow so today marks the start of my weekend, I'm super excited for a sleepover with friends tonight!