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Double Earring Looks

Over Christmas break I impulsively had one of my friends double pierce one of my ears. It was one of those things where all of my friends were just hanging out and I figured I'd been wanting it for a little while, so I went for it! I knew if I didn't like it, it wasn't a big deal and I could just let it close up, but I actually love having a double piercing. More fun ways that I can accessorize, right? However, I have to admit I really haven't tried anything that special besides this double pearl look you might have noticed in this Instagram post. I usually just keep a little diamond stud in it because to be honest, that's the only tiny earring I have, but now I'm inspired to mix it up and try out some fun double earring looks!

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Of course I don't have that many pieces, but I still love all of the delicate gold earring combinations. Shop some of my earring picks below:

Do you have any other piercings? How do you "style" them?

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