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Tuckernuck Spring Collection

I skipped school again today (In my defense, it's just "Career Day" and I'm not missing any classes!) and I found myself perusing the Tuckernuck new arrivals this morning while I was, ya know, enjoying my day off.

The spring collection is so fun. I love Tuckernuck in general because I think they do a great job of picking classic pieces that, while they are preppy, can still be styled to suit really any classic style! The spring collection is so colorful and vibrant; all of the pieces have me craving spring and summer soirees and beach days!

What do you think of the spring new arrivals?

PS- Speaking of spring, did you see today's bright scarf outfit (it's a collab, too!)

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  1. I completely agree about Tuckernuck as a brand - my style has gotten a little bit less preppy in the last year or two, but brands like Tuckernuck make it easy to pick and choose how you style them! I absolutely love those pink pants...might have to get a pair to wear to work!



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