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Airplane Playlist

I'm so excited to fly out to New Orleans for spring break this morning. One of my favorite things about traveling is flying. Honestly, I love flying. I know airports, airport security, and planes in general really stress out some people, but I love the whole experience. Airports mean travel, travel means vacation, and new places and exploring the world is just one of my favorite things to do! (My phone automatically connects to the Chicago O'Hare wi-fi, and you already know when your phone connects to the wi-fi somewhere it's basically a second home...)

Another bonus about flying? I love how being on an airplane makes me feel so inspired. Something about being in the sky with virtually nothing to do or distract you from your thoughts is so peaceful, and really gives you so much time to just think about things and get inspired! I created this playlist because I love listening to chill music on planes, but also kind of upbeat songs that get me excited for wherever I'm headed!

What are you listening to as of late? Have a great Monday!

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  1. This is a great list! I've been looking for a new playlist to listen to this week at work (so jealous you're traveling). Have so much fun in NOLA! Don't forget to go to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets!



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