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Help: Laptop Case

As I start to plan for college and pack for spring break, I realize just how often I'm toting my laptop around places without a good protective case on it! My laptop is actually a little scratched on the outside, which I am a little bit bitter about, but I really feel like finding the perfect case for a laptop isn't the easiest task. Do you have any suggestions? I love the ones below, but these are the only cute options I could really find!

Biker // Watercolor // Stripe // Colorblock // Neon (on sale!)

This is an easy monogrammed option from Etsy for under $20, too. Do you have any ideas of other sites to look at? I love the navy and black case, but it seems a little expensive for what it is!


  1. I really like all these options! I have a Lilly Pulitzer laptop case that I absolutely adore! It´s lined with a super soft lining so my laptop is never scratched while in transit. Also, it has a strap so it´s super easy to transport. My mom got it for me at a boutique in Florida, but they have similar ones on Amazon and at Nordstrom I think!

    Xo, Kate //

  2. These are all cute options! Personally, I feel like I get tired of laptop cases sooner than later, so I'd probably avoid spending so much on one like the navy (although it is really cute). I'd say go for the best protection + one that is something you could live with looking at for extended periods of time!


  3. I love all of these choices. The pink one is by far my favorite!

  4. I love the Navy and Black one as well! But I think that getting a cute monogramed one from etsy is a good idea they're cheaper and extremely cute!

    Prim & Prep

  5. I love the white one with flowers on it!!!! So chic xoxo

    Oh, She's Happy //


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