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Easy & Delicious French Toast Recipe

I made the most delicious french toast for breakfast yesterday. The recipe was surprisingly easy and it turned out great for my first time making it. 

What you'll need...
Bread (I used cinnamon raisin)
Nutmeg, cinnamon, or both
Vanilla Extract

Depending on how much you make, you'll need a different amount of each ingredient, obviously. A good ratio is about four slices of bread for one egg, 1/3 cup of milk, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Use spices to your taste.

Whisk together the egg, spices, vanilla, and milk, and then soak the bread in the mixture one slice at a time. Pour a little vegetable oil in a pan over medium heat and once each peach of bread is soaked you can cook it until golden brown, or until you don't see anymore raw egg. I added some sauteed blueberries on top for a little extra flavor and it turned out delicious.

How do you make french toast?

Who I Look Up To

After I was contacted by Brilliant Earth, a cool company involved with the African Leadership Academy, and interviewed for a friend's blog, I realized that I really don't know who I look up to in specific. A lot of my friends have their "idol" in life, typically a celebrity or even a fabulous blogger, but I thought about it and there isn't one person I singlehandedly admire. However, there are a few people that I applaud for different reasons...

The Olsen Twins | Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are truly one of a kind, although you may be seeing double. After growing up in the spotlight, they made it out alive and successful amongst the other audacious young stars who seem to have been ruined by the fame. Mary-Kate and Ashley clearly have their priorities straight considering they launched multiple fashion lines and are now top notch designers.

Jackie O | Besides cultivating Lilly P and sporting Jacks wherever she went, Jackie Onassis proved to be a true model of etiquette. From her fashion sense to her demeanor, Jackie never failed to impress with a smile on her face. Jackie taught the important of good manners, because being polite is what truly works out in the end.

Rosa Parks | Rosa Parks might be an interesting addition to this list, but I think Rosa Parks is just beyond intriguing. The fact that she could sit on a bus and say no, I'm not moving, is just phenomenal. What a true inspiration to teach us to stand up for ourselves and to stick to what we believe is right. Seriously, Rosa Parks is clearly the real winner in life because it takes more than a ton of courage to handle a situation like that especially during such a segregated time in our country.

Who do you look up to?

Sporty + Striped

To all of the Yankee's fans out there.... this is how you do sportswear ;) Keeping it cool and patriotic, I'm sporting a striped tee and my favorite worn-to-death cap. For a fun twist I paired the most versatile skirt in my closet with my go-to kicks. J. Crew is having an amazing sale, so I was lucky to score this super comfy tee for an amazing price. Not to mention, have you noticed my new baseball cap obsession? Second outfit post sporting a cap... what a chill streak. {see other here}

How do you do sporty?

Knowing When Enough is Enough

I typically tend to consider myself a sheltered person with a minimal social life, but I think I've slowly come to the conclusion that that's really not true. Last week alone I went to four parties and three sleepovers and wasn't home one night for dinner. My brother has always been a "typical teenager", meaning he goes out a ton and has a girlfriend and his social life is completely intact yet hidden from my parents. Clearly, I don't have a boyfriend, and my parents always know exactly what I'm doing and I even fill them in on my parties when I get home (is that normal...?), but I still like to feel like I'm fulfilling my high school experience to the fullest. My mom has always wanted me to have a grand social life, because she apparently used to be popular (probably not true) and thus, she doesn't say no to me when I ask to go out. My dad is the same way; both of my parents are really lenient about when I go out and when I get home. If there is somewhere I want to go, I can go. However, it's important to know when enough is enough

Last week I asked my dad what was for dinner and he told me he didn't know why it mattered because I hadn't been home for dinner in a week and he didn't even think I was going to be home to eat that night. The thing about high school is that sometimes you enjoy spending so much time with your friends that you don't even realize that you're leaving your family behind. The important rule of thumb, with anything really, is that if it starts to feel overwhelming, you might have gone too far. For example, I went to a party on both Monday night and Tuesday night, and by Wednesday I couldn't even have gone to a party if I wanted to. I had gone to bed at 5 AM both Monday and Tuesday nights because I slept over, and I was so drained that I knew I had enough of partying for a few days (ha, at least until Thursday. I wasn't that drained). It's always important to remember not to do anything that you really don't want to, and that there will always be another party or another chance to have a great time even if you take a rain check because you're tired.


A Guide to Picking a Monogram Necklace

Hi everyone! I get a lot of questions about where my monogram necklace is from, what size it is, how long my chain is, etc. Monogram necklaces can be tricky to shop for because there is such a wide variety of options. Today I will share the details on my necklace and how to find the monogram necklace that you like best!

Untitled #350

Silver, gold, or acrylic. | Most people decide to go with a silver or gold necklace, but acrylic necklaces are a trendier, more fun, spin on the classic necklace. I would recommend that sticking to silver or gold for your first monogram necklace is the best option because you can wear more with your necklace.

One or two connecting points | When I was picking out my monogram necklace, I knew I needed it to have two connecting points. I personally think it's cuter when the monogram is being "held" on the chain, rather than just dangling from it.

Pendant size | Most people stick to a one inch pendant because that's super average and looks good on everyone. However, I think mini pendant's are super cute, and large pendant's make a statement when worn with a simple outfit. 

Script | Monograms necklaces come in a variety of fonts, and this can be the tipping point for deciding on your necklace. My necklace has the letters in a really intricate script so that you sort of have to search for the letters, they aren't spread out and profound like other necklaces. Font and size of letters is a really important part of picking out your necklace because the monogram is what the necklace is all about!

My Necklace... is a silver, one inch, monogrammed necklace with two connecting points and an 18 inch chain. You can purchase the exact necklace {HERE}

What does your monogram necklace look like?

My Workout Routine + Attire

Third health post in a row, wooo!! You're probably all thinking I'm turning into a health nut and this is slowly becoming the latest fitness blog. Ha, as if! I might attempt to eat healthy, but that doesn't mean I don't chow down on Skinny Pop and ice cream at night ;) However, I have been exercising a fair amount lately and today I will be sharing my attire and my routine!

I run about 5 times per week, and I typically go for 3 miles. This is a really casual jog that I really only do to get in shape for field hockey. Because I play field hockey in the fall and track in the spring, summer and winter are the only months that I actually need to workout on my own. Running during the summer and then hopping on the elliptical at my gym in the winter seems to work pretty well. I wouldn't say I'm a huge running fanatic, but I don't typically dread my workouts too much.

More on my attire, because I like to do my fair share of field hockey (duh) and a little tennis, I love to sport running skirts. In addition to my collection of athletic shorts, I have a few running skirts which I find just as comfortable and even cuter than a basic pair of norts. I mostly wear regular old t-shirts when I run or go to field hockey practice, but I do sometimes pull myself together and wear a cute workout tank instead.

I partnered with for this post, so make sure to check out this fun workout plan you can do with your dog at home to spice up your routine!

What does your routine consist of?

Healthy Summer Treats Alternatives

I have a major sweet tooth, and not only do I love eating a ton of desserts and junk food, but once I start, I usually can't stop. We're talking multiple cookies and a couple scoops of ice cream. I've been trying to eat healthier lately which has resulted in me getting creative and trying out healthier dessert options. One of the great things about healthier options for desserts is that not only will they cure any cravings, but they won't taste so extremely fabulous that you won't be able to stop. A few of my favorite options...

Banana with Peanut Butter or Chocolate | Not only is this sweet treat super good for you, but it's also easy to make and customizable to your liking. Spread a little peanut butter on slices of banana or even dip them in chocolate or add chocolate chips. Either way, you probably won't want to down a ton of bananas, so you won't be tempted to have more after just one serving.

Raspberry Yogurt with Chocolate Chips | Honestly, this tastes like ice cream, and it's even better if you freeze your yogurt so it's literally frozen yogurt but nothing bad added to it! Simply toss in a few chocolate chips to raspberry yogurt (or any flavor of choosing) and you have a delightfully healthy and yummy combination. Even better, after just one yogurt (usually only 100 calories!) you will be satisfied and unlikely to overindulge.

Apples with Cinnamon Sugar | Another yummy option that doesn't require much effort! Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon sugar on slices of apples for a sweet and savory taste, or even better, pop the slices into the oven for a few minutes for a yummy option that is literally as sweet as pie! One apple is sure to cure your cravings and fill you up.

What are some of your healthy dessert alternatives?

Summer Salad Recipe

Hi everyone! If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you know that I've been running quite a bit lately. In addition to that, I also have been trying to eat a little healthier and something I've been incorporating into my diet are a lot of fresh, raw foods. I was feeling inspired the other day and decided to whip up a yummy salad for lunch.

What you will need...

Lettuce of your choice; I used romaine
A ripe peach

I cut up a little avocado and my peach and tossed them in with the lettuce and a few blueberries. Squeeze a little lemon juice on top for a light dressing and you're done!


Reflect Your Style with One Kings Lane

When One Kings Lane asked me to participate in their Reflect Your Style campaign, I was so excited. I love One Kings Lane and the idea behind it almost as much as their variety of products. The cool part about One Kings Lane, beside the fact that you can get unique products for a great price, is that there is an incredibly diverse stock of merchandise. Honestly, I think anyone could find something they love while browsing the site.

The idea behind the Reflect Your Style campaign is super creative. "How you dress up your vanity and accessorize an outfit have a lot in common. A mirror is the centerpiece and most important aspect of a vanity." (Get it, reflect; mirror?)

I decided to style my vanity around the Pinesdale mirror. I found the mirror to be simple, yet elegant, and it reflects my style quite well with its touch of flair to an otherwise classic mirror.


I styled my mirror with a nautical and classical aesthetic in mind. I tied together many of the gold accents and drew in a little navy from the lamp and rug for a minor pop of color. I think that is might be a little over the top to say it accurately reflects my style, but I think when I'm older it'll be a nice representation.

Don't miss out on some of the other stylish mirrors over at One Kings Lane right now, or their Home Decor Handbook, and if you are not a member of One Kings Lane you can sign up here!


Rainboots in Summer

I find styling rainboots a little bit of a challenge, especially in summer when shorts and boots can get ugly real fast. The other day it was pouring outside but I still needed something to do, so after a quick Starbucks run I headed to the park and snapped some pics on the boardwalk. I must say, the lighting was pretty darn good for a rainy day. 

I ended up sticking to all of my basics to keep the look easy and workable. Skirts and dresses look cute with rainboots but it's shorts that can be the toughest to style.

See other ways that I styled my rainboots {here} and {here}. What do you wear with your rainboots in the summer?

How I Style My Hair

I've talked about my favorite hairstyles before, but little about my hair in general. I don't do much to it, and I honestly couldn't even if I tried (I own probably three curling wands that I can't figure out for the life of me). However, I've been posting a lot, or it seems like a lot to me, of selfies of my hair on instagram recently and I wanted to share how I do my hair!

{Follow me on Insta to see more pics!}

As the caption stated, I literally woke up like this (#flawless haha just kidding.. did you catch the beyonce reference?) , but I found that for me, my hair is wavier when I go to bed with it wet. I'm not sure how that works, but I'm not complaining! My hair has natural wave but I usually let it air dry before bed. Now, I think I'm just going to stick with this method!

This is my hair when it's straightened. It takes me less than 10 minutes to straighten my hair, and I love how I can flip it upside down a few times or, in this case, sleep on it, and it'll look natural! I think the key for straightening is to use a medium heat and go over each section of hair a few times so it's doesn't look too "done".

Finally, if you haven't noticed, all of these pictures of my hair are how my hair looks after it's been slept on. This picture is a representation of my sheer love for topknots because I woke up, put a shirt on, took my hair out of it's bun, and voila! Loose curls for days. Personal favorite

How do you style your hair?

Miami Mood Board

"When I travel I want to make sure I look fabulous and comfortable at the same time! I am seeking the help of others to put together the perfect outfit for my romantic trip to Miami with my husband. This is time that I get to focus on my husband, and we get to explore the city of Miami together. Numerous pictures will be taken, so I need something that will look great when I look back on our trip through the photos. I am coming to all of you to help put together an outfit that will take my breath away. I will need something comfortable to wear while shopping and exploring the town! I also plan on getting a manicure and pedicure, I am looking forward to showing off my new nail color. No matter if we are getting a late dinner to strolling along the sidewalks in the city, there are numerous activities that we can do while in Miami. One of the sites I used to help plan this trip was gogobot. This social media website was wonderful, giving me lots of useful user reviews and top rated things to do while visiting! I know that if I have fabulous outfits I will have the time of my life. You always feel so much better when you know you look good. I can't wait for you to dress me for Miami!" -Kendra Thornton

When I was asked to participate in Kendra Thornton's fashion challenge, I was a little unsure if I was qualified. I am in no way a professional stylist, and I still struggle to design outfits for myself sometimes, let alone other people. I decided to take a leap and just try it out, figuring it would only benefit me! I have been to Miami a few times, and I even went a couple times last year because my dad would take a lot of business trips to the area. Unlike other parts of Florida that I am used to visiting, Miami is quite a bit more trendy and not nearly as preppy as some of my favorite places like Boca Grande, Naples, or Palm Beach. Creating this mood board was a little bit of a challenge, but I am pleased with what I have come up with.

miami mood board

I figured nothing would be better than vibrant, eclectic pieces paired with a neutral, chic tote. Shorts paired with a casual top and espadrilles makes a perfectly easy yet stylish outfit for dinners out or opt for sandals for an afternoon lunch. Dresses with fun accessories and cool wedges are also an easy outfit for any time of day.

What would you wear to Miami?

Natural Beauty

Tuesday... somehow I'm not dreading this week considering it's summer for me ;) With summer comes plenty of sunburns, tans, and maybe even freckles for those like me! One thing that always seems to put me in a great mood over the summer is that no matter what, everyone always seems to look a little prettier with a natural glow and bronzed skin.

I've found that when everyone is looking their best, makeup becomes less essential, thus the big jump onto the "natural beauty" bandwagon. Enhancing your natural beauty by defining some of your best features is an important asset to a chic summer look.

Here are my tips:

Don't Overdo It | Not only will wearing too much makeup in the summer clog your pores, but contouring and caking on extra products is simply useless during the summer months. Between sweating and swimming it is important to look natural and to feel natural as well. Keeping it simple always works out in the end.

Stick to the Basics | As I mentioned, skills like contouring can be unnecessary and even challenging. Try to stick to a little mascara, a complimentary colored blush, a nude gloss or even lip balm, and maybe take the time to darken your eyebrows for a pop. Although you're trying to keep this simple, don't forget to apply a little cover up if you need to cover anything up! A big key to enhance your natural beauty is to slightly enhance your natural complexion! Skip the foundation, but don't skip the cover up if it is necessary. What is most important is that you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your skin!

What to apply...

Mascara | Apply a basic mascara such as Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. Mascara will help to enhance your eyes, which are obviously one of the most important aspects of a face. Apply a few light coats to the top lashes until every lash is lightly coated and even. However, don't forget to apply a single light coat to the bottom lashes to make your eyes look balanced and natural.

Bronze & Blush | I've found that coral toned blushes make a great option during the summer to give off a nice glow and it is a shade that works well for a majority of skin tones. Try NARS Blush in Final Cut for a versatile coral blush. In addition to blush, bronzer is a great option during the summer to enhance your tan and maintain your glow. My favorite broner is Warmth by Bare Minerals because a little goes a long way and gives off a natural looking tan. Using either a blush or a bronzer effectively can give off a beautiful illusion to your face without having to do any serious contouring. Apply blush just on or above the cheekbone and bronzer just on or below for an impactful effect.

Lips | Dry, cracked, or chapped lips can be one of the most unattractive (and noticeable!) qualities. Always make sure your lips look smooth, and maybe a little glossy. A nice lip balm or salve like this Bobbi Brown option can make your lips look healthy and natural with just the right amount of shine. For a little more sparkle, try a gloss like the Lancome Juicy Tube for a smooth and shiny look.

Eyebrows | Eyebrows are a face game-changer. Bold eyebrows draw attention and are not too difficult to achieve. Simply filling them in a little darker or a little thicker can make a world of a difference. Try an easy product like the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil to achieve a bolder, fuller, naturally perfected brow.

What are your natural beauty tips?

Trend: Bow Heels

Anyone else obsessing over the bow heels trend? Last time I reported on shoe trends I received some positive feedback, encouraging me that I wasn't some crazed shoe fanatic who had no idea what was going on in these trendy days of 2014. 

In all seriousness, the bow heel trend makes me feel like God has sent down an angel among the designers of our nation (and other nations) and graced them with this creative, preppy flare on classic heels. The bow on the ankle is a fabulous twist on the bow on the toe heel, which I am not as much of a fan of.

Shop my favorites...

How do you feel about the trend?

How I Prepared For Exams

Happy Friday! For all of those who are unfortunately suffering through another week of school, in which finals are forced upon you and dreaded, I sympathize for you. Finals bring an abundance of stress and a lot of anxiety and the best way to avoid that is to prepare yourself as best possible. For me, this means making study guides and getting organized. 

Study Guides | I make a study guide based off of the guidelines that each teacher provides me with. I keep the format very consistent so it's easier for my OCD brain to focus ;) I find that organizing things in this way keeps me on task, and it's also easier to see headers and titles of sections of information with a consistent layout so you don't have to remember how you've organized each subject.

Organization | Organization is key during exam week. It is important to make sure you've included all relevant information on your study guides, in addition to being organized so you don't forget things (for example a calculator... I've done that. It's a horrific experience) on the days of your exams. I prefer to color code a lot of my subjects so it's easy to see what I'll need to remember.

{See how I organize my agenda here}

How do you prepare for exams? Good luck!

Insta Recap

Hello, hello! I hope you've all had a great week. Today is my last day of field hockey camp, which started on Monday and has been an all day occurrence. To say I have an extreme sunburn would be an understatement, and as much fun as I have had I think I'm definitely ready to wrap it up. Today I wanted to share a few of my recent Insta snaps because I hit 200 posts the other day!

I recently purchased the J. Crew Factory scalloped dress and I am in love. I can dress it up or down, as seen here with converse, and I know it will become a summer staple in my closet!

I've been keeping busy this summer with lots of lunches at the country club with friends and hanging out by the pool with my favorite chicken caesar wraps ;)

After a little shopping spree with my dad, I realized I may or may not have overloaded on stripes. Fortunately, stripes never cease to fail me and you can be sure I'll be donning them all summer long.

Aaand, finally! As I mentioned on Instagram, thank you all for supporting my instagram account! I hit 200 posts this week and could not be more excited.


Lilly Pajamas + Mini Room Tour

I'm not usually one to sleep in, but the other day I went to bed at 1 AM after a party and didn't wake up until 11. I had plans to do outfit post pictures with a friend at 10:30 so by the time I woke up my friend was already at my house! Of course it would've taken me a minute to get all of my things together so to start we decided it would be fun to do a mini room tour and a little outfit post combined.

My bed is a replica of this style from PBTeen. My grandpa made it for me for Christmas a few years ago.. he's quite skilled! (Side note: I received my monogrammed pillows as a gift back when I got my first "big kid" bed, they're now my favorite things!)

I love the shelving behind my head because of how convenient it is. I have had multiple experiences where I have knocked over or smacked my hand on a nightstand or things on a nightstand in my sleep (oops!) so this definitely prevents that issue. (Ha, I shattered a lamp once and that was like a month ago)

These old Lilly pajamas of mine are certainly a summer favorite!

I keep my shelves stocked with my favorite pieces; an eclectic mix that encompases all of my favorite things is surely the reason why I sleep so well ;)

What does your room look like?

How I Feel About Partying

I did something weird last weekend.

There was a party downtown on Friday night so some friends and I decided to go. I was feeling uneasy about the situation considering it was the kind of party where all of the people there are those people who you know because you stalk them on Facebook but you've never actually met (please tell me I'm not alone and you all know what I'm talking about...). Honestly, I still have no idea why I actually went.

So basically I went to this party and I was kind of excited because I straightened my hair and I was going to this cool person party and I was with my friends, etc. I got to the party (which ended up being at some event place in an ally... quite interesting I must say) and long story short, everyone was drunk. This party was completely out of control. I don't know if I should be putting this on the internet (my bet is probably not), but I feel like it's a commonly known fact that teenagers will do what they will, and people at this party were definitely doing something alright.

So I'm at this party and my friends and I are kind of huddled up like what is going on this is insane and then finally we decide we have two options: have fun or leave. Obviously I want to have fun. We danced and talked to people we'd heard of but never met, took embarrassing selfies, and had quite a bit of fun.

What I learned on Friday night is that you do not need to be drunk to have a good time. Honestly, it's better when you're not because then you can remember what actually happened and you can have the memories rather than forgetting about everything. I love to have a good time, don't get me wrong, and I can't promise I won't do something crazy every once in a while, but sometimes you've got to je ne sais quoi and have a good time. 


Jacks vs. Miller

Hello, hello! Today is the first day of field hockey camp, which goes from today until Thursday everyday from 9 AM to 3 PM. To say it's exhausting would be an understatement, but it surely will whip me into shape and I know I'll have a ton of fun too.

Recently a Nordstrom Rack and Saks off 5th opened here in MKE, but they're actually pretty lame and kind of unfortunate considering the hype that went along with them. The first time I went the stores were nothing short of a disappointment, however, the second time around I was a bit more pleased. I tried on a pair of pink Jack's with gold trim and feel in love, but unfortunately they were a size too big. I've grown tired of my silver Jack's and am eager for another pair, but I can't seem to pull the trigger because I'm contemplating Jack's vs Miller Sandals.

Usually I wear a wide in Jack Rogers but to my surprise, the regular width fits just fine, leading me to think Tory Burch Miller sandals are a possibility.


So tell me... Which would you choose?