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Miami Mood Board

"When I travel I want to make sure I look fabulous and comfortable at the same time! I am seeking the help of others to put together the perfect outfit for my romantic trip to Miami with my husband. This is time that I get to focus on my husband, and we get to explore the city of Miami together. Numerous pictures will be taken, so I need something that will look great when I look back on our trip through the photos. I am coming to all of you to help put together an outfit that will take my breath away. I will need something comfortable to wear while shopping and exploring the town! I also plan on getting a manicure and pedicure, I am looking forward to showing off my new nail color. No matter if we are getting a late dinner to strolling along the sidewalks in the city, there are numerous activities that we can do while in Miami. One of the sites I used to help plan this trip was gogobot. This social media website was wonderful, giving me lots of useful user reviews and top rated things to do while visiting! I know that if I have fabulous outfits I will have the time of my life. You always feel so much better when you know you look good. I can't wait for you to dress me for Miami!" -Kendra Thornton

When I was asked to participate in Kendra Thornton's fashion challenge, I was a little unsure if I was qualified. I am in no way a professional stylist, and I still struggle to design outfits for myself sometimes, let alone other people. I decided to take a leap and just try it out, figuring it would only benefit me! I have been to Miami a few times, and I even went a couple times last year because my dad would take a lot of business trips to the area. Unlike other parts of Florida that I am used to visiting, Miami is quite a bit more trendy and not nearly as preppy as some of my favorite places like Boca Grande, Naples, or Palm Beach. Creating this mood board was a little bit of a challenge, but I am pleased with what I have come up with.

miami mood board

I figured nothing would be better than vibrant, eclectic pieces paired with a neutral, chic tote. Shorts paired with a casual top and espadrilles makes a perfectly easy yet stylish outfit for dinners out or opt for sandals for an afternoon lunch. Dresses with fun accessories and cool wedges are also an easy outfit for any time of day.

What would you wear to Miami?

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  1. On a trip to Miami, I'd imagine myself wearing a lot of loose tops, flowy dresses and of course, a pair of flat and comfortable sandals!

    - Kirstin


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