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Reflect Your Style with One Kings Lane

When One Kings Lane asked me to participate in their Reflect Your Style campaign, I was so excited. I love One Kings Lane and the idea behind it almost as much as their variety of products. The cool part about One Kings Lane, beside the fact that you can get unique products for a great price, is that there is an incredibly diverse stock of merchandise. Honestly, I think anyone could find something they love while browsing the site.

The idea behind the Reflect Your Style campaign is super creative. "How you dress up your vanity and accessorize an outfit have a lot in common. A mirror is the centerpiece and most important aspect of a vanity." (Get it, reflect; mirror?)

I decided to style my vanity around the Pinesdale mirror. I found the mirror to be simple, yet elegant, and it reflects my style quite well with its touch of flair to an otherwise classic mirror.


I styled my mirror with a nautical and classical aesthetic in mind. I tied together many of the gold accents and drew in a little navy from the lamp and rug for a minor pop of color. I think that is might be a little over the top to say it accurately reflects my style, but I think when I'm older it'll be a nice representation.

Don't miss out on some of the other stylish mirrors over at One Kings Lane right now, or their Home Decor Handbook, and if you are not a member of One Kings Lane you can sign up here!


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