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Natural Beauty

Tuesday... somehow I'm not dreading this week considering it's summer for me ;) With summer comes plenty of sunburns, tans, and maybe even freckles for those like me! One thing that always seems to put me in a great mood over the summer is that no matter what, everyone always seems to look a little prettier with a natural glow and bronzed skin.

I've found that when everyone is looking their best, makeup becomes less essential, thus the big jump onto the "natural beauty" bandwagon. Enhancing your natural beauty by defining some of your best features is an important asset to a chic summer look.

Here are my tips:

Don't Overdo It | Not only will wearing too much makeup in the summer clog your pores, but contouring and caking on extra products is simply useless during the summer months. Between sweating and swimming it is important to look natural and to feel natural as well. Keeping it simple always works out in the end.

Stick to the Basics | As I mentioned, skills like contouring can be unnecessary and even challenging. Try to stick to a little mascara, a complimentary colored blush, a nude gloss or even lip balm, and maybe take the time to darken your eyebrows for a pop. Although you're trying to keep this simple, don't forget to apply a little cover up if you need to cover anything up! A big key to enhance your natural beauty is to slightly enhance your natural complexion! Skip the foundation, but don't skip the cover up if it is necessary. What is most important is that you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your skin!

What to apply...

Mascara | Apply a basic mascara such as Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. Mascara will help to enhance your eyes, which are obviously one of the most important aspects of a face. Apply a few light coats to the top lashes until every lash is lightly coated and even. However, don't forget to apply a single light coat to the bottom lashes to make your eyes look balanced and natural.

Bronze & Blush | I've found that coral toned blushes make a great option during the summer to give off a nice glow and it is a shade that works well for a majority of skin tones. Try NARS Blush in Final Cut for a versatile coral blush. In addition to blush, bronzer is a great option during the summer to enhance your tan and maintain your glow. My favorite broner is Warmth by Bare Minerals because a little goes a long way and gives off a natural looking tan. Using either a blush or a bronzer effectively can give off a beautiful illusion to your face without having to do any serious contouring. Apply blush just on or above the cheekbone and bronzer just on or below for an impactful effect.

Lips | Dry, cracked, or chapped lips can be one of the most unattractive (and noticeable!) qualities. Always make sure your lips look smooth, and maybe a little glossy. A nice lip balm or salve like this Bobbi Brown option can make your lips look healthy and natural with just the right amount of shine. For a little more sparkle, try a gloss like the Lancome Juicy Tube for a smooth and shiny look.

Eyebrows | Eyebrows are a face game-changer. Bold eyebrows draw attention and are not too difficult to achieve. Simply filling them in a little darker or a little thicker can make a world of a difference. Try an easy product like the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil to achieve a bolder, fuller, naturally perfected brow.

What are your natural beauty tips?


  1. I love this idea! Summer is the perfect time to go eu natural. (Or pretend anyways!) Great post!


  2. The natural look is perfect for the summer heat! Over the summer, I do a few quick swipes of mascara and a subtle gloss!

    - Kirstin


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